Want to become a legal cannabis farmer in Mendocino or Humboldt counties?

We assist small cannabis farmers navigate the complex path to Third Party Certification and legalization.

About Us

Dr. Cynthia Le Doux-Bloom, Compliance Scientist Cynthia.Inspector@gmail.com

Prior to starting Cannabis Compliance Services, Dr. Cynthia worked for the State of California’s Departments of Fish and Wildlife and Water Resources as a Senior Scientist. Cynthia has specialized expertise in watershed assessment, water quality, fish and wildlife physiology and behavior, and designing compliance-related monitoring programs. She earned her PhD at UC Davis in Animal Biology, MS at San Jose State in Natural Science, and BS at UC Santa Cruz in Biology. Cynthia was elected to the Board of Directors for the Salmonid Restoration Federation in 2015. She has been a resident of Mendocino County since 1998, relocating from Santa Cruz Co.  She provides her 30 years of scientific expertise to help farmers complete the cannabis regulatory processes. When not consulting, Cynthia is usually riding her endurance horse Cruz, all over Mendocino County and beyond.


Eric R. Bloom, Compliance Officer ERB.Inspector@gmail.com

Prior to consulting as a Compliance Officer, Eric worked for the State of California’s Department of Fish and Game as a Game Warden in Mendocino County until he retired in 2015. Eric has expertise in Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreements (FGC 1600s), fuel and hazardous materials storage and transport, and other environmental issues. He was a member of the Mendocino County Environmental Crimes Taskforce and has been a resident of Mendocino County since 1998. He provides his 30 years of environmental regulation to work assisting you to navigate the complex permitting path to legalization.  He enjoys translating State laws and regulations in understandable terms to Mendo farmers. When enjoying his retirement, Eric is spearfishing, fishing, or riding with Cynthia.

Our Services


Do you need help preparing for your Third Party Inspection? 

We offer on-site evaluations of your farm operation and can itemize the actions that you must take to prepare to pass your Third Party Inspection. 



Do you need assistance developing your required Watershed Resource Protection Plan?

We can help get you up to speed on what you need to do to prepare your paperwork.


Are you ready to complete the required annual monitoring and reporting requirements?  

We can guide you thru the process of completing the annual monitoring and reporting requirements and teach you to DIY next year.   


Do you need guidance to assist with remediation preparation? Relocation?


*Rates for 1600 Permits and Biological Surveys dependent on complexity 

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Cannabis Compliance Services

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