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Natural and safe supplements now available in the market are essential for getting lean, toned and . [+] strong this summer.

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Speaking of recovery, CBD oils and tincture have done wonders in optimizing mind and body functions. Apart helping to create an overall sense of balance throughout the day, a few drops help to combat aches, inflammation and support muscle recovery. If you are looking to amp up your fitness routine just in time for bikini season, include a delicious CBD blend into your regimen.


THRIVE CBD Oil Drops come in two delicious flavors: Blood Orange or Peppermint

MCT Oil, Hemp Extract, Spearmint Oil (Natural Flavouring)

Add to hot & cold drinks

40% CBD Oil

Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Extract, Spearmint Oil (Natural Flavouring)

Endocannabinoids respond to counteract changes in our body. If our body, or a system within our body, is working as it should and is in equilibrium, then we say it is in a state of homeostasis. If something external happens that throws us out of homeostasis, then Endocannabinoids work to bring us back to normality and a state of equilibrium. In a way, their job is to ensure balance. This is how Endocannabinoids regulate some of our most vital life functions – acting as messengers between different parts of the body and even influencing our emotions and feelings. They’re produced after exercise, when we’re hungry, in a response to pain, or stress or anxiety. They make sure our bones get repaired, our food gets properly digested, and that our immune system deals with tissue inflammation in a measured way. For example, if we are stressed, endocannabinoids work to destress us. If we need food, our Endocannabinoid System gives us an appetite. If tissue is damaged or inflamed, our Endocannabinoid System goes into overdrive to let our body know that it’s damaged and that it needs repairing.

CBD in and of itself is non-psychoactive. However, when we extract from the Cannabis plant, although CBD is the main component, there are other cannabinoids and phytonutrients present. The psychoactive properties of Cannabis come from perhaps the most well-known of all the Cannabinoids: THC. So, whether or not a particular CBD Oil causes you to feel high, will depend on how much THC is in there. At YourZooki we make absolutely sure with 3rd party testing that there is any THC in our products.