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wholesale cbd isolate crystalline

Although side effects aren’t common with CBD isolate, that doesn’t mean they’re unheard of. In most cases, however, people who experience adverse reactions take incredibly high doses of CBD.

Another significant reason to consider CBD isolate is its versatility. People who want to make edibles or infusions will have the easiest time adding CBD isolate to their recipes. Plus, CBD isolate crystals are perfect for people who like to make balms, salves, and lotions.

Anyone interested in dabbing CBD isolate should look into Organic CBD Nugs’ catalog of CBD slabs and crystals. It’s far easier to handle these larger products on standard dab rigs compared with bulk CBD isolate powder.

Are You A Prime Candidate For CBD Isolate?

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In general, people who are new to hemp do well with CBD isolate powder. Since this product is odorless, tasteless, and thoroughly purified, it’s one of the most convenient products to work with. Even if you have no CBD experience, you shouldn’t have an issue using CBD isolate powder.

To better gauge how CBD affects you, consider taking CBD isolate sublingually the first time. Measure about ¼ teaspoon of CBD isolate crystals, place them under your tongue, and let them dissolve. Within a few minutes, you might notice the effects of CBD. If you don’t feel anything, then up your dosage by ¼ teaspoon each day until you achieve the desired results.

Unlike other hemp-based products, CBD isolate is designed to contain as close to 100 percent CBD as possible. This means you won’t find any other hemp-derived compounds (e.g., terpenes, flavonoids, or secondary cannabinoids) in a CBD isolate product.

When extracted, CBD isolate takes on a crystalline form, and crystalline types of CBD isolate are usually broken down into powder before use. CBD isolate powder is white or off-white in appearance, and it is both flavorless and odorless since it does not contain the terpenes and flavonoids that provide hemp extract with its unique taste and aroma properties.

Unlike types of CBD extract that contain minor cannabinoids and other beneficial constituents of hemp flower, CBD isolate does not contain any detectable fringe cannabinoids. The tradeoff is that CBD isolate does not contain any THC, is simple to work with, and is highly affordable.

Superlative Quality & Compliance

Learn More About CBD Isolate

CBD isolate was one of the first types of non-intoxicating hemp extracts produced as cannabidiol pioneers sought methods for entirely removing THC from their end products. These days, extracts exist that eliminate THC while retaining beneficial constituents of hemp aside from CBD, but CBD isolate remains highly desirable within a wide variety of different contexts.

Since CBD isolate is almost perfectly molecularly homogenous, it’s easy to determine exact dosing when formulating this bulk cannabinoid ingredient into finished products. As a non-viscous crystal or powder, CBD isolate is also remarkably easy to work with, and it combines well with many ingredients.

Quality Management System

CBD Isolate is a pure, crystalline, flavorless pharmaceutical grade powder that is 99+% pure CBD. All of the hemp plant matter is removed from the isolate, including oils, waxes, chlorophyll, and more, resulting in CBD powder that is nearly chemically pure. That degree of purity makes it extremely easy to dose accurately. Since it is flavorless, it can be easily introduced into products without altering the flavor profile.

CBD Isolate Wholesale Specifications

There are a few steps needed in order to take the cannabis biomass to CBD Isolate.

What is CBD Isolate?

Grams and Kilograms

Our Wholesale CBD Isolate is THE BEST powder in the industry. We hold our Bulk CBD Isolate to the Kola Purified Standard and people can tell the difference once they order our California made CBD Isolate. Whether by the Gram or Kilogram, we guarantee 99% pure CBD Isolate that is snow white every time. We carefully extract all of our CBD Isolate in our own Southern California facilities in order to keep the pure consistency that we are known for.