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where to buy cbd cream in montery california

Your Friendly Neighborhood Dispensary

We listen to and understand what our community wants and needs. With the widest selection of products in Monterey, it is our goal to serve both our neighbors and our visitors, providing them with nothing but the best. We are constantly inspired by the people around us to recreate and educate ourselves and our customers.

The Reef is Monterey County’s premier recreational cannabis dispensary, located in the diverse and progressive city of Seaside. We are an innovative local cannabis store rooted in our dynamic community.

We aim to give back to our neighbors a true slice of 420 culture. By partnering with local artists and musicians, we can pride ourselves in lifting up the creative community. By working closely with local businesses and brands, as well as smaller-scale projects throughout the state, we hope to positively impact those we meet and create lasting, meaningful relationships. Together we are building a more innovative, expressive, and inclusive community by celebrating all things cannabis!

Monterey Holistic Health is Monterey’s first CBD-only retail shop, a small, locally-owned business that’s here to educate people about CBD and our products. We want you to be able to make an informed decision when you purchase something from us.

We carry full spectrum CBD and hemp-derived products for you and your dog or cat including lotions, creams, tinctures, and edibles (including dog treats). We also carry our own line of CBD flower and CBD pre-rolls.