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what’s the use for cbd gummies or pills

Dr Sarah Brewer is Healthspan’s Medical Director and holds degrees in Natural Sciences, Surgery and Medicine from the University of Cambridge. Having worked as a GP and hospital doctor, Dr Sarah now holds an MSc in Nutritional Medicine from the University of Surrey and specialises in nutrition. She is also an award-winning writer and author.

Tablets, if available, would contain additional ingredients (known as excipients) such as flowing agents (to prevent them caking during processing) and binders (to prevent tablets crumbling back into powder). The rate at which the resulting tablet would break down in the intestines would affect how much CBD is absorbed, and this would generally be slower than when CBD is taken in liquid form.

High strength, super strength, ultra strength… with so many different types of CBD available, which one is best for your needs? Dr. Sarah Brewer explains.

What strength CBD should I take?

Normal CBD oil is not water-soluble, so molecules will clump together in the digestive tract, creating a small surface area and making them harder for the body to absorb.

When you swallow the rest of the CBD oil, a small amount is broken down by stomach acid, but 95% of the remaining dose will pass down into the small intestines. As it is not water-soluble, CBD oil tends to break up into fatty globules. Most oil-based CBD is absorbed via the wall of the small intestines, along with dietary fats, directly into the lymphatic system.

Please note: One drawback of taking higher doses of CBD oil from droppers is that some people develop reflux or nausea.

Dr Brewer is the author of CBD: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness (Simon & Schuster).

That’s the good news. The more nuanced news is that some products may work better for you than others. CBD gummies and CBD capsules may share the same active ingredient, but they can still have totally different effects. Here’s how to find what’s best for you.

CBD gummies are also super convenient. Know you need 25 milligrams of CBD per day? Great! Get things on autopilot by setting a single CBD gummy alongside the rest of the vitamins/supplements you take in the morning (if you don’t take other supplements, you could always add in some supplemental CBD).

CBD Gummies 101

The number of CBD products available is growing by the day, and there’s something you should know:

Not sold on the goodness of CBD gummies yet? If you can relate to any of the following qualities, you probably should be.

We’ve already gone over the major similarity between gummies and capsules (you know, that they both contain CBD). So now let’s look at the differences.