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Want to know what strength CBD oil you should take?…Click here to get the answers you are looking for. One of the very first things to consider after finding an organic, GMP-certified, third party laboratory tested CBD product is, how strong is it? Determining the right potency to purchase for your CBD gummies or CBD oil is an important factor in identifying the right CBD product for you because strength will determine

What Strength CBD Oil Should I Take?

CBD oil is a fantastic way to get into CBD use.

Straightforward to take, easy to measure and with no extra equipment needed, it’s one of the best ways to get your dose of CBD.

The simple contents and flexibility of oils means that they come in a wide range of varieties.

Different flavours are prolific, with the creative use of terpenes and flavourings allowing for more complexity in taste and smell, whilst experimenting with different kinds of carrier oil have allowed for ever smoother textures.

This also enables CBD oil to come in a wide range of strengths, with products giving support for everything from concentrations 100mg all the way up to a whopping 6000mg.

With such a range of choice, figuring out what strength CBD oil is best for you can be a daunting task.

Certainly if you’ve never used an oil before, or you’re new to the CBD world entirely, this wide selection and the relatively powerful effects of CBD oil can be a bit much to engage with.

The CBD market is moving forwards all the time, so staying fully knowledgeable can be a tricky task.

Whilst the question of what strength CBD oil is your best choice is ultimately one you’ll have to answer yourself, we can give you a few pointers in the right direction and tips on how to get there.

Knowing exactly what CBD oil is, how it differs from other CBD products, how it takes it effect and the best way to begin your CBD oil experience is certainly a good place to start.

What Is In CBD Oil?

CBD oil is composed primarily of two ingredients: cannabinoids and carrier oil.

Cannabinoids are compounds extracted from the hemp plant and include CBD, as well as a range of other compounds.

The presence of these other compounds allows for something called the entourage effect, a widely accepted principle that the presence of multiple cannabinoids will amplify each of their effects.

Although CBD will be the primary cannabinoid, the presence of these other cannabinoids helps to increase the effectiveness of the CBD on the human endocannabinoid system.

Another major cannabinoid, THC, is also often present CBD oil.

THC is the hallucinogenic element of cannabis plants and as such is strictly controlled by the UK Home Office.

If the oil you are using is broad spectrum then it will contain 0% THC, whilst if it is full spectrum it will contain only trace amounts.

Although THC can be helpful in assisting the entourage effect, in concentrations this small it has virtually no other impact on the human body.

Some CBD oils offer CBD isolate, which is completely free from other cannabinoids and contains just CBD.

In certain non-legal constraints, such as at some sporting events, CBD isolate may be the only permitted CBD substance.

Many CBD oils will also contain a range of flavourings to improve its taste.

Alongside these will often be terpenes, non-cannabinoid extracts from the hemp plant that help to add a base of flavour and smell to the product.

Measurement & Medium

Figuring out what strength CBD oil is right for you can be affected vastly by the way you measure your dosage.

Measuring how much CBD you take is an essential part of a CBD routine, helping to ensure both the consistency and safety of your CBD experience.

Oils are somewhat unique in the CBD world, being one of the most straightforward ways to measure CBD intake.

Whereas vaped CBD vape juice and certain CBD gummies and CBD edibles can vary in how much CBD is in each intake, CBD oils are sold specifically on the basis of CBD content per-millilitre.

Their content, for example a 500mg CBD oil, will be advertised based around the amount of CBD in each bottle, usually an industry-standard 30ml.

With CBD content at a consistent level throughout the oil when properly shaken, this is by far the easiest way to measure your CBD intake.

CBD oil also has one of the highest rates of bioavailability of any CBD product. Bioavailability, or biological availability, is a measurement of how effective CBD is based on how you take it.

Essentially, CBD that is digested such as an edible has a low bioavailability, because it must pass through stages of the digestive system designed specifically to remove substances from the human body.

If you take 5mg of CBD via an edible, the amount of CBD that reaches your endocannabinoid system is often less than half of that. This is true for a variety of different ways of taking CBD.

CBD oils are taken sublingually, using membranes under the tongue to directly enter the bloodstream.

This method of taking CBD has one of the highest possible bioavailability ratings.

This all means that, on average, to get the same hit from CBD oil as you would from a CBD product with a lower bioavailability rating the requirements are less, letting you take both a lower-concentration and smaller amount of CBD oil.

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Finding Your Perfect Dose

A huge range of variables go into determining what strength CBD oil will be right for you.

There are wide differences in factors, ranging from weight and bodily conditions, metabolism and immune response, to lifestyle, frequency of use and preference for experience, all of which go into determining exactly how you will react to a particular strength of CBD oil.

There is no set way to figure out what strength CBD oil will suit you best, so experimentation is the best way forwards.

Trying a few different strengths will give you the most useful data regarding how you react to CBD, helping you to determine that golden area where you have the perfect amount, dosage and frequency of use.

To get these experiments rolling correctly, we encourage you to start small.

A 500mg bottle of CBD oil is something of a starter-standard, strong enough to haver a measurable effect on most people but weak enough not to be overwhelming.

When you begin we encourage you to keep notes tracking your usage, the size and frequency of dose and the effect it has on you.

You’ll be able to refer back to these further down the line to figure out what got you closest to that perfect amount.

It should be noted that the kind of CBD you’re taking, whether full spectrum, broad spectrum or CBD isolate, can also determine your reaction to it.

All of this means that your initial time with CBD may be disappointing, with doses or CBD oils that don’t quite do enough for you and that perfect level being out-of-reach for a while.

Although we understand the frustration of this experience, a slow experimentation that carefully increases with time is by far the most accurate way forwards.

Whatever dose you end up settling on as the perfect amount for you, we urge you to refer to the FSA guidelines for CBD use and to not exceed their recommended limit of 70mg per-day.

Drug Tests

Many people are cautious about CBD use due to the widespread presence of drug tests in workplace environments.

Drug tests are put in place to ensure the safety of individuals in professional environments and are often targeted at highly intoxicating or health-adverse substances.

Most conventional drug tests that are looking for the presence of cannabidiols will measure specifically for THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis that gets a person ‘high’.

Every reputably sourced CBD product on the UK market will contain only trace levels of THC, if at all.

With such a small concentration, what strength CBD oil you take should not make a difference.

Any CBD oil, whether full or broad spectrum, is unlikely to trigger a positive result on a conventional drug test, but to be certain those who expect to be taking a drug test should avoid full spectrum products entirely.

Some other drug tests measure for a wider range of cannabinoids, including CBD. This could potentially trigger a positive result; however the use of CBD is entirely legal in the UK, as it is no longer a controlled substance, so you would not face criminal charges.

Certain workplaces do impose their own restrictions that may cover CBD, athletes in particular may find that anything except CBD isolate is barred due to performance-enhancing restrictions.

We urge you to check with your workplace before you take any CBD product.


CBD oil can be a daunting corner of the CBD market to get into at first, simply for the sheer range of options.

It’s simplicity works both ways: it’s easy to take and easy to innovate, giving you a straightforward method of dosing with a huge range to select from.

Knowing what strength CBD oil is for you will certainly take a little while, with experimentation and persistence giving you the best outcome.

Whilst jumping in straight for a 6000mg oil might be tempting to someone with a history of CBD, there’s a good chance the increased bioavailability will make it far stronger than expected.

Meanwhile, the lower end of 500mg may seem like far too little, but it does give a solid starting point to address any issues and then gradually increase your dosage from.

Ultimately the CBD is the same so, even if the strength is a little low, starting out with a weaker oil should never result in any wasted product.

Your journey with CBD oils will probably take a few different turns, with everything from intensity to flavour and even the type of CBD potentially changing with time.

It can be tiring and frustrating to take it slow, but without a doubt it’s the best way forwards, the best way to figure out your ideal dose.

Once you have that figure out, you’ll be getting the best CBD experience possible.

What Are The Benefits of High Potency CBD Oil?

One of the very first things to consider after finding an organic, GMP-certified, third party laboratory tested CBD product is, how strong is it?

Determining the right potency to purchase for your CBD gummies or CBD oil is an important factor in identifying the right CBD product for you because strength will determine the price as well as the strength of the therapeutic effect. However, just because you see a product that has a high potency of CBD, doesn’t mean you should take it at face value.

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This guide will take a deep dive into what high potency CBD is, the benefits of high potency CBD oil, the downsides of high potency CBD oil, who should buy high potency CBD oil, and include recommendations of our favorite high potency CBD products.

What is high potency CBD?

High Potency CBD contains high concentrations (over 3,000MG) of the cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD). However, potency is a bit more nuanced than just a high number listed on a CBD oil bottle. In order to take a closer look at what high potency CBD is, let’s break down the two factors that determine potency: CBD strength and CBD extract type.

CBD strength

When it comes to CBD, the term potency is really referencing strength. The strength of the CBD in any given CBD product is commonly displayed on the front label, shown as a number followed by the miligram (MG) unit of measurement, for example: 12,000MG CBD oil.

Standard CBD oils come in strengths from 500MG-3,000MG, with high potencies of up to 15,000MG (or more!). If you see an incredibly inflated number, like an 80,000MG CBD oil marked at a low price, it probably isn’t CBD. Check out our article on Amazon’s Fake CBD oil to learn more about this marking up tactic.

CBD extract type

A factor that has a profound effect on the potency of a CBD product is the extract type. The 3 most popular CBD extract types are: full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and isolate CBD. Cannabinoids are the natural plant components that make up the hemp plant: CBD, CBG, CBN, THC (under .3%), and over 100 more. CBD is the most widely popularized cannabinoid, but it isn’t the only cannabinoid. The reason why extract type affects the potency of a CBD product is because each extract naturally contains more or less cannabinoids.

  • Full Spectrum CBD: This extract type is the most cannabinoid-rich, with the full spectrum of hemp’s natural cannabinoid content completely intact. This whole-plant extract is known for creating the entourage effect, a term coined by scientists for how plant molecules interact and bump up the functioning of each other for maximum benefit. For this reason, this extract could be seen as the most potent, as most experts agree that CBD on its own is going to be less effective overall than a full spectrum product containing the same amount of CBD.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD: This extract type is cannabinoid-rich like full spectrum CBD, but has the THC removed. However, this type of CBD is still seen as potent and capable of the entourage effect. It’s a great option for those who are not a fan of the cannabinoid THC for work related or sensitivity purposes.
  • CBD Isolate: CBD isolate only contains the cannabinoid, CBD. This extract can offer a high dose of CBD, but doesn’t offer a full plant, holistic approach to hemp and is not capable of the entourage effect. Though this extract can be bought in high concentrations, it is debatable whether it can truly offer the potency and effect of a full spectrum or broad spectrum product that offers all of hemp’s cannabinoids.

What is considered a high potency dose of CBD?

By general standards, a 25MG dose of CBD in one sitting can be considered a high potency CBD dose. However, CBD is known to affect each person differently, due to its unique interaction with our body’s endocannabinoid system. For example, one may experience a deeply therapeutic effect with as little as 5MG of full spectrum CBD, while others may not feel anything.

For this reason, we recommend that each person start first with a low dose of CBD to track how they feel. For more personalized dosing recommendations, check out our comprehensive CBD dosage guide created by Dr. Thomas Macsay before diving into a high potency CBD dosage.

What are the benefits of high potency CBD oil?

More bang for your buck

Buying a CBD oil with a higher CBD content might cost more in the moment, but can save you money in the long run. With a high potency CBD oil, you’ll need a smaller dose, less often because a little will go a much longer way. If you’re someone who uses CBD frequently, a high potency CBD oil can help you to spend less money per dose and you won’t have to reorder as frequently.

Ability to scale to severity

A high potency CBD oil gives you the opportunity to significantly boost your CBD dosage. As many people come to CBD with varying issues of discomfort, high potency CBD oil allows for individuals to scale their dosage in order to meet their needs. For example, a person experiencing a high degree of pain would need to take a few dropper fulls of 500MG CBD oil, whereas simply ¼ of a dropper of a 5000MG high potency CBD oil would do the trick.

Potency meets quality

A common concern we hear from our customers is that they’re nervous to try a high potency CBD oil because they worry that a higher potency full spectrum CBD oil means a higher natural THC content. There are legal limits in place on THC allowance, and all CBD products must contain under the legal limit of .3% THC. Therefore, you can always trust that our high potency CBD products will indeed contain more CBD, but still stay true to legal limits of under .3% THC.

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Be sure to view the lab results on any high potency CBD product you purchase in order to confirm the product is high potency and low in THC content. As a note, all Neurogan lab results are available for every product in the listing, log-in to view. Additionally, check-out broad-spectrum CBD oil if you experience THC sensitivity.

What are the downsides to high potency CBD oil?

We wouldn’t be being honest if we only focused on the positive aspects of high potency CBD. As with any medicinal herb, irresponsible use or the investment in a cheap product can lead to the following downsides:

Product safety

We wish we could say that all high potency CBD oil is created equally, but it’s definitely not. Early last year, we performed independent laboratory testing on CBD oils listed with strengths of up to 80,000MG and were disheartened to find that many CBD oils are falsely marketed. This leads us to wonder, what else is not being listed when it comes to these products?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any legitimate laws or rules in place when it comes to CBD, which means that if you go shopping for CBD without doing your homework, you risk coming into contact with pesticides, chemical fertilizer, and heavy metal contaminants. If the CBD is a concentrated high potency, non-regulated product, we can’t help but wonder what other nasty components might also be highly concentrated, too.


With high potency CBD oils, comes the higher risk of CBD overdose. But to be clear, it’s highly unlikely that one would overdose on cannabis or CBD products. In fact, no more than a handful of people die every year with high levels of cannabis in their system.

With that being said there are certain signs and symptoms that some might consider symptomatic of an overdose, or better yet, an adverse reaction to CBD. The symptoms one may experience include dry mouth, vomiting, decreased appetite, low blood pressure, and diarrhea. However, if you’re already taking a larger dose and feeling comfortable, then you shouldn’t be at risk for an overdose.

Who should buy high potency CBD oil?

High potency CBD oil is not intended for first time CBD oil users. High potency CBD is intended for those experiencing a great level of discomfort, or those whom are familiar with CBD and ready to raise their dose. High potency CBD oil offers a strengthened effect of CBD’s best benefits:

  • A soothing sense of calm & relaxation
  • Mental comfort & mood improvement
  • Positive support for a natural sleep cycle
  • Relief from joint & muscle pain

Our 3 Favorite High Potency CBD Products

1. High Potency CBD Gummies (25MG-45MG)

CBD gummy squares have become our best-selling CBD product; with 7 fruity flavors, 3 strengths, and your choice of broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD. By purchasing either our 25MG or 45MG CBD gummy squares, you’re choosing high potency CBD gummies ready to pack a punch. 25MG suits those looking for strength in their dose, and 45MG is intended for those with prior CBD experience looking for a greater potency in their daily CBD intake. Effects kick-in after 30-90 minutes and last for a total of up to 7 hours.

2. High Potency CBD Softgels (2400MG)

Gel capsules are perfect for those who want a dose of high potency CBD, but aren’t fond of the taste of CBD. Gel capsules are 100% vegan and organic, contain the CBD extract of your choice, broad spectrum or full spectrum, and are suspended in an MCT carrier oil for maximum bioavailability and absorption. Capsules are great for everyday use, long-lasting and slow-released for up to 7 hours of relief.

3. High Potency CBD Oil (3,000-12,000MG)

With our wide selection of full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oils, there’s no doubt you can find the perfect high potency CBD oil for you. Choose the best strength for your needs: 3,000MG,4,000MG, 5,000MG, 8,000MG, or 12,000MG. CBD oil is meant to be taken sublingually so it sets in quick, providing relief within 10-20 minutes of ingestion and lasting for up to 6 hours. These CBD oils are so strong that we do not recommend them for first time CBD users. If you feel that you’re ready for a high potency CBD oil, start with a lower high-potency CBD oil and work your way up rather than purchasing one that is too strong. These CBD oils are so potent that we do not recommend them for first time CBD users and strongly encourage you to shake the bottle well before ingesting.

In conclusion

High potency CBD products offer greater strength and therapeutic effects than other CBD products, making them a great option for those with CBD experience under their belt. Neurogan proudly produces the highest CBD oil strengths on the market with outdoor grown hemp,third party laboratory test results available on every product, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to make sure you find the right CBD product for you.

Don’t miss your chance to save! Shop our SPRING PRICE DROP on our high potency CBD oils.

Please reach out to us with all of your questions and we’ll be happy to speak with you.

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