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what are ratio numbers in cbd tincture

5:1 Ratio – This ratio is an excellent place to start for those who are new to cannabis, or experienced consumers who are looking for products that will allow them to function without intoxication. Fairwinds 5:1 Ratio Tincture offers an invigorating blend of terpenes to accentuate the therapeutic benefits of the CBD. 3

While it can be difficult to gauge an exact serving from flower or a vaporizer, knowing the potency of your product in advance can help you anticipate the effects to come. Fairwinds lists the average potency as well as the terpenes featured in their products. A terpene profile can provide additional insight to the experience you can expect from said product.

1:1 Ratio – Having equal parts CBD and THC seems to be the most effective in tackling pain management. The goal of utilizing a 1:1 product is to induce a gentle buzz while allowing the consumer to function and focus throughout the day. While CBD affects inflammation throughout the body, THC regulates neurotransmitters and how the brain perceives pain. The 1:1 ratio provides both mental and physical relief from pain. While this ratio is not considered “recreational”, 1:1 products can be easily found at most dispensaries. 2

Common Ratios

Every product at The Novel Tree Medical will be labeled with a breakdown the CBD:THC ratio.

The potency in the 5:1 is a total (TTL) of 200mg, however you can see that there is approximately five times the amount of CBD in relation to the amount of THC. Many guests will start with .3 ml (1/2 of a standard serving). Because all producers are required to list the potency, tinctures and edibles make it easy to control your serving.

Anytime you see a product that features a ratio, the first number will reflect the amount of CBD in a product. The second number featured shows the amount of THC in the same product. For example, a 10:1 Ratio tincture has 10x the amount of CBD as THC. It is important to know that CBD comes first, as you may come across ratios that have more THC than CBD. Each ratio has its own range of effects, so it’s best to talk with a medical consultant to find the ratio that best suits your needs.

2:1 Ratio – Having twice the amount of CBD as THC can still provide a slight buzz, but it should be minimal compared to 1:1 strains and recreational products. This ratio might be ideal for those looking to combat autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, or general aches and pains.

Have you ever seen numbers like 1:3, 3:1, and 1:30 on your favorite product? Here’s why: these numbers represent the ratio of CBD to THC. Understanding ratios and how to apply them is an important step in figuring out which product or strain is right for you.

A high THC ratio with little or no CBD can be very psychoactive and provide a powerful elevated effect. A topical application, however, will not result in a high. These ratios are preferred primarily by recreational users, although it can also be used to help with anxiety, mood improvement, and help with nausea & vomiting.

What is the Right Ratio CBD to THC

Low to no THC and high CBD mixtures, as well as mixtures that include THC-A will provide the relief and swelling reduction without much psychoactivity, if any. These ratios are of most use to those who wish to use cannabis medicinally and for pain relief, relaxation, and wellness without psychoactive effects. Understanding the dosing ratios associated with THC and CBD can help you refine your cannabis experience and tailor it to your needs.

Topically, THC can also help manage acute pain. Balanced ratios are the most popular variety because they have the widest range of uses. These even blends are helpful for both physical healing and relaxation and for achieving the psychoactive properties and benefits of THC.

In fact, any ratios that include both THC and CBD, even in small amounts, activate the entourage effect and are of the greatest overall value compared to pure THC and CBD mixtures.