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waayb cbd oil for dogs

We offer the best CBD capsules available on the market today.

WAAYB Organics Hemp Extract Cream is a nutritional supplement extracted from organic, Colorado-grown hemp. Every batch produced goes through third party testing to verify that you are getting the highest quality CBD oil!

Our partner WAAYB, produces the freshest and best quality CO2 extracted hemp oil in the USA!

This capsules are offered in 20mg & 30mg dosages.

“The Best Hemp Extract on the market is now in a transdermal lotion. With WAAYB Organics Transdermal Hemp Extract Lotion you are able to treat a specific area and get maximum absorption while still getting systemic relief as well. You can also use this with your pet by rubbing inside of their ear to get better absorption than when taken orally.

Benefits of this supplement include:

One Farm Organic Pet Hemp Oil is a high purity hemp oil supplement. From the folks at WAAYB, this hemp oil is made using 100% certified organic hemp and extracted using high purity CO2.

One Farm by Waayb aims to craft premium quality, pure, clean, natural hemp oils for humans and dogs alike. Waayb achieves this by owning the manufacturing process end-to-end: from growing the hemp to extracting, distilling, and packaging the final hemp extract oil product.

Ingredients: USDA Organic Hemp Extract Oil, Organic MCT Oil (fractionated coconut oil)

If I put the CBD oil mixed into their food will it still help?

The best form of absorption is to give your pet the oil in their cheek/jowl.

Cats and Dogs come in many different shapes and sizes, please ask your veterinarian what strength cbd oil for pets they recommend or contact us.

Here are some questions that we are asked regularly.

If my pet doesn’t like to have the Oil or Water soluble added to their food what can I do?

One Farm by WAAYB CBD Oil for Cats and Dogs is made with the same high quality CBD extract and ingredients that we use for our human products, so you can be sure that if it is good enough for you, it is good enough for your pets! It comes in four strengths, 3.3mg/mL, 10mg/mL, 20mg/mL, and 30mg/mL.

Do you have any more questions that we didn’t cover here? Check out our FAQs page or send us a message if you’re in need of assistance or additional information prior to purchasing.

If you would like a non-Childproof dropper for your order click here to add it to your order.