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viking cbd oil

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Viking CBD supports your RECOVERY after a STRENUOUS WORKOUT, prompting you to return the next day so you can develop the EXCELLENT habit of Daily Physical Exercise!


Use this oil to help you CONQUER LIFE! Once you begin your regimen of taking Viking CBD oil Daily, you’ll be on your path to conquering the life you desire to live! Don’t forget to join our community of other people with the Viking Spirit.

We offer Premium Full Spectrum CBD oil to maximize nutrients, terpenes, and benefits that our bodies are designed to absorb. Our Oil is manufactured in a Certified Commercial Grade & FDA Registered Facility. Every bottle produced is looked at with the highest scrutiny to ensure a quality product is delivered to every customer.

Viking CBD oil helps calm the nerves from the OCCASIONAL WORK RELATED STRESS we all feel from time to time. This allows us to keep our head CLEAR and FOCUSED on the task at hand to become more efficient at work, thus providing us an edge to outperform our competition!

Nordic Botanics are a passionate group of Modern Vikings who wanted to bring the natural benefits of cannabis to as many people as possible. With our own brand of natural simplicity, we combine the very best of traditional Scandinavian values with modern, efficient and lab-tested purity.

However, nature is full of many more powerful botanicals than only cannabis. Our mission is to search for the best ingredients with healing and wellness properties, without compromising on quality, ethics or price. All our products are vegan friendly and despite delivering a luxury-quality product sold in Health and Beauty boutiques across London UK, we are aggressively trying to expand so that we can pass those savings onto you, our customers.

All of our products are THC-free. A guarantee we can make because we own the entire supply chain from plant-to-shelf. EU/UK grown hemp is processed at our UK workshop first into a pure CBD oil, which we then ship out for 3rd-party lab analysis to certify low THC levels (all final products must contain <0.2% THC by UK law) and CBD purity.

We launched our natural CBD oil in early 2018 after months of product testing and development. Now, we’re expanding our product line to allow more people to benefit from CBD and cannabis extract in the way that’s convenient for you – whether that’s oils, salves or capsules!

Once the extract strength is certified, we blend it into various oils and balms at our 2nd workshop location within the UK, where we also package and then ship out your order.