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The second factor is the strain type. Cannabis breeders are currently working on developing high-CBG strains because they see the potential of such strains to transform the industry. If your plant has a higher amount of CBG content to begin with, your output will be greater with a lower amount of plant biomass. The ratio of pounds of biomass vs. output is critical for your CBG extraction process to be viable from a business point of view.

CBG is called a “minor cannabinoid” because it’s present in less than 1% by weight of most harvested cannabis strains. Even if you harvest at the height of CBGA production the levels of CBG will be quite low. As a plant matures, it produces more cannabinoids. Harvesting a plant early to capitalize on CBG production means that there is a lower proportion of cannabinoids overall by weight than in a mature plant. This means that you will need a larger amount of plant matter, also known as biomass, to extract a viable amount of CBG than for, say, CBD or THC production.

There are some striking core differences between CBD and CBG. Both compounds have fairly low affinities for the cannabinoid receptors in our system—acting as catalysts in indirect ways. Their differences boil down to each acting on a different set of targets outside of the endocannabinoid system. CBG has been shown to increase anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid that helps regulate the immune system, sleep, appetite, and mood. CBG may even alleviate certain negative THC effects such as paranoia or anxiety due to genetic differences or overconsumption in THC-sensitive people (about 25% of the population).

7. How to Extract CBG?

Things get more complex at the state level. With 30 states at different stages of legalization, it pays to do your homework and find out your own state’s laws before undertaking CBG oil extraction from cannabis plants. (Note: at the time of writing, all cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds still remain illegal at the federal level.)

Thanks to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp and all of the plant’s derivatives, CBG oil is legal at the federal level in the United States. As long as it’s derived from hemp—not cannabis. Hemp is legally defined as a cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% THC.

CBG is most prevalent in young plants at about 6 weeks into the 8-week flowering cycle. At this point CBG levels are at their highest because it has yet to be converted into other cannabinoids. This is the optimum time to harvest and process the plant. By harvesting before other cannabinoids have developed you’re seizing the perfect moment to capitalize on the highest concentration of CBGA.

The CBG extraction process begins by soaking your CBG-rich biomass in your solvent of choice (typically either CO2 or ethanol) to draw out the terpenes and/or cannabinoids. The resulting solution can go through post-filtration step(s) and is then evaporated using heat and vacuum to remove residual solvents. This results in a refined CBG crude extract. The crude concentrate is then further distilled to create a purified CBG distillate, in preparation to be isolated from the other cannabinoids by means of affinity chromatography.

Trichome Farms is an award winning craft cannabis farm located in the rolling red hill of Dundee, Oregon in the heart of Oregon’s wine country. Trichome Farms was founded in 2015 with a primary goal of producing high quality cannabis for the medical and recreational marijuana markets in the State of Oregon. Co-founders Ted Gurin and Zach Davis brought together over a decade of experience and knowledge in the industry and began producing cannabis. After receiving their recreational marijuana producer license from the State of Oregon, Trichome Farms chose to focus primarily on organically grown, high quality, indoor recreational marijuana produced in their indoor facility in Dundee, Oregon. The owners cleared the land and built the warehouse from the ground up after purchasing a three-acre parcel in 2016.

All of our flower is indoor grown in a climate-controlled environment and cared for very carefully through its life cycle. Flower is grown in 4×4 beds to mimic natural conditions and promote lateral root growth. The flower beds are made up of all organic material including our soil mix and amendments like bat guano, fish compost, kelp meal, glacial rock and many other natural raw ingredients. Instead of bottle nutrients, we use compost teas which are brewed on site and adjusted per plan needs.

Organic, indoor grown, hand trimmed

Currently consumers can find Trichome Farms products in over 50 dispensaries throughout the state of Oregon. Not only is the brand recognized for the loose flower available in stores but also through collaborations with the State’s top rated and most recognized extract producers.

Trichome Farms always strives to bring the best flower possible to the market. All of our flower is organic, hand trimmed and indoor grown. To stay competitive and keep progressing we are always introducing new verity and looking for new and unique cultivars however some of the staples include the 7X award winning Black Widow, our own unique cultivar, Zkittlez Magoo as well as Obama Kush, Crater Kush, Glazed Apricot Gelato and Lost Cause.

After a short time, Trichome Farms was recognized for the quality of their flower by winning Best Greenhouse Flower and taking second place for the People’s Choice award at the first event they entered, the 2016 Ganja Con. Since then, they have gone on to take 6 more wins including winning the People’s Choice Award at both the 2016 and 2017 Oregon Growers Cup and most recently placing Runner Up at the 2018 High Times Dope Cup.