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topical cbd oil on penis

There are a few different options out there if you decide to begin using CBD products to enhance sexual activity. Some of these may take a little bit of time to kick in, so some planning ahead of time may be necessary. Using a massage oil or lubricant is going to work faster than an edible or supplement. Also, be aware that you may need to try a couple of different varieties, or vary the amount you use before you find the right combination.

One thing to keep in mind is that, until recently, CBD oil was known to very few people and was lumped in with THC and marijuana. As a result of being overlooked, medical research [2] on CBD oil and its effects, particularly long term effects, is generally lacking. There is some scientific data that supports using cannabis for health. However, most therapeutic uses for CBD oil are based on a whole bunch of convincing but less reliable reports.

Hormone Imbalance

As the name implies, cannabidiol [1] is derived from cannabis, the marijuana plant, or the related but fully legal hemp plant. Unlike THC, which is the compound in cannabis that is usually considered to truly get you ‘high’, CBD oil has a less dramatic effect on your mood, body, and body chemistry.

CBD is reported to help some symptoms that mainly causes erectile dysfunction, including:

Another reason that it is popular for treating opioid addicts, as well as all the other conditions it has the potential to address, is that there appear to be no serious or long-term side effects to its use. That characteristic makes it particularly appealing, as it can replace or reduce the need for antidepressants, pain meds, and epilepsy meds, all of which tend to have the potential for nasty side effects. Uses for CBD oil continue to be found. In particular, it’s been used in topical products like creams and oils. These can relieve pain or be used to alleviate other conditions, including erectile dysfunction. CBD edibles are also popular.

Derived from the cannabis plant, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two well-known components of the plant. THC is the compound responsible for the intoxicating effects. As for CBD, people may take CBD or CBD-based products for many reasons, such as reducing pain, controlling anxiety, and managing seizures.

Therefore, those that struggle with dryness and painful sex may benefit from using CBD-infused lubricants. However, people should check that the CBD lubricant is compatible with condoms before using both.

Sexual anxiety

A 2014 review found that the Cannabis sativa plant may improve ejaculatory and sexual performance. However, more research is necessary to understand how the plant works.

There is very limited human research investigating different cannabis strains and their effect on sex. Therefore, no evidence indicates that certain strains are better for sex. However, people may anecdotally suggest certain strains are better for certain situations.

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