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topical cbd creams on my dogs

CBD is an antioxidant. This means that CBD may have the ability to prevent or delay some types of cell damage, which therefore gives it potential as a skin and fur conditioner. So older dogs, listen up—weekly pampering sessions with CBD oil may help to keep that fur it pristine, dog-park-ready shape!

CBD interaction will be strongest where receptors are exposed to the highest concentrations of CBD (cannabinoid) molecules. This is why traditional cannabis products are often inhaled—to expose them directly to the bloodstream and circulatory system.

It’s also worth pointing out that CBD oil is, well, an oil. It’s therefore a natural option for moisturizing and conditioning your dog’s fur and skin. Unlike other moisturizing oils, however, CBD gets its calming and soothing effect without the need for any additives.

Conditioning fur and skin

Dogs hate itchy skin! Stop them rolling repeatedly across your carpet by applying CBD oil where your pup is focusing their attention biting or scratching. Cannabinoids will bind to receptors in that area, helping to restore homeostasis in the affected part of their body.

So, why might you want to target cannabinoid receptors in a dog’s skin? There are four main reasons for delivering CBD via the skin (but don’t feel limited by these—other reasons are just as good too!)

More seriously, CBD’s antioxidizing credentials make it a great therapeutic option, post-surgery. Massaging with CBD oil as part of a recovery plan will help ensure that skin doesn’t become taut or inflamed as it heals.

When you’re short on time. If you don’t want an oily pup, you’ll need to massage oil well into fur and skin, which can take some time. While this can act as a nice bonding moment between you and your dog, it may not be convenient at all times of the day. Here, a quick CBD treat is probably better.

Our Hemp Infused Balm with naturally occurring CBD was made specifically to help maintain skin health and support canines with sensitive skin. This product helps maintain the skin’s normal moisture content and overall skin health.

Those who already love our hemp extract oil for dogs (previously PAWS) will be pleased to have two different strengths and flavor options.

Common Questions

Our new chicken-flavored chews were formulated with functional ingredients to support your dog in various ways, whether they need help for Calm, Senior, or Hip & Joint. For topical needs, our Soothing Scent Balm is designed to support canines with sensitive skin. It supports skin health and helps maintain normal skin moisture.

You know your fur baby better than anyone. As you observe their health day to day, you can see what areas of wellness are most important for maintaining. We’ve added more products to our pet line to help you care for your pup in a variety of ways.

The pet products we offer currently are designed to support canine wellness. We are continually evaluating ways to expand our offerings and develop new products to serve the Endocannabinoid Systems of many mammals. Stay tuned for more from Charlotte’s Web™ for your favorite pet! Speaking of the Endocannabinoid System, learn more about how it works here!