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topical cbd and liver

How does it impact the liver?

What is CBD oil?

To further complicate the question, products with CBD oil may not give the exact amount listed on the package . Depending on the brand, the consumer may be using much more or less than they think. This is especially true of OTC supplements and e-cigarettes.

In one study , 10% of the subjects developed high liver enzymes—they had to stop using CBD for this reason. Other research suggests that CBD can improve liver function.

June 4, 2019 by Natalie Shae

The few studies performed on how CBD affects the liver are not clear.

Liver Damage and CBD Oil

Since topical CBD can get absorbed into the bloodstream, it might interact with certain medications.

Due to CBD modulating several cytochrome P450 enzymes, CBD can have an elevated potential of drug interactions.

Recent clinical trials observed elevated liver enzymes in 5-20% of those receiving a chronic administration of CBD in the study, leading to sudden liver failure.

CBD Topical Urine Test

Published in the journal Molecules, consuming extremely high doses of the CBD isolate brand Epidolex can lead to liver toxicity in non-human models.

According to a brief review in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, CBD is more polar and has a 10 fold higher permeability than other cannabinoids.

Due to the skin’s low ability to absorb, when applying CBD topicals, it’s recommended you liberally apply enough to overcome the skin’s low absorption rate.

New methods of administering CBD via the skin are in research and development such as using microneedles, patented solutions, and different gel concentrations.