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Since Fairwinds Specialty Tinctures are sold at licensed cannabis dispensaries, the company must have certain tests conducted. Yet, when we reviewed the Certificate of Analysis, the test for pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins were not performed. As such, we cannot give full points here.

4.67 / 5

Product Variations 5/5

The purpose of each tincture is clearly stated in the product name and elaborated on within the description. Given the cannabinoid content, terpenes, herbs and essential oils used in each formula, they’re equipped to help consumers as intended.

Finally, the Sriracha Tincture combines the spiciness of chili peppers with 100 mg of THC. All four of these tinctures in the specialty series are priced higher than the average cost of a THC/CBD tincture, yet they pack tremendous value.

Fairwinds Deep Sleep Tincture leverages the powerful effects of cannabis and plant synergy to help promote restful and peaceful sleep. Indica cannabis terpenes, an herbal extract blend, and a mixture of essential oils known for their calming and sedative properties work together to achieve this tincture’s purpose. The product has 75 mg of THC and 45 mg of CBD.

Additionally, Fairwinds uses adaptogenic herbs in some of our product formulations. Adaptogens help our bodies maintain homeostasis and balance to cope with things like stress, and they actually become more effective the more often you use them. This is why products like the PTSfree capsules work so well for those who take them on a regular basis.”

Understanding that these ratios stand for CBD to THC (or CBD:THC) is the first step. A 5:1 ratio for example doesn’t necessarily mean that there are 5 mg of CBD and 1 mg of THC per serving, but that for every 5 parts CBD proportionally there is 1 part THC. For example,that could mean one serving gives you 40mg CBD:8mg THC. It all depends on the total cannabinoids in the bottle, divided by the number of servings. All cannabis companies in WA are required to list this information. Now to find a tincture that’s right for you.

Will I eventually build up a tolerance?
“Consumers of any type of cannabinoid are likely to develop a level of tolerance (just like with any other medication or supplement). If building up a high tolerance is a concern, taking short breaks can help act as a reset button!

Since a lot of the questions we receive are about Fairwinds’ broad offering of tinctures and capsules, we interviewed Randi from their team in order to clear up confusion about CBD ratios, correct dosing, and which tinctures are best to find relief while keeping a clear head. Here’s what we learned:

Is there a reason I would take a 20:1 tincture vs a 1:1?
“Each person will have individual needs and different desired effects when using CBD and THC in tandem. The ratio you select will be dependent on multiple factors, including your own experience with and tolerance of cannabis. A 20:1 ratio may be preferable for someone with limited cannabis experience, someone who wants to ensure they don’t feel any intoxication, and/or a person looking to maximize their CBD intake.

Spectrum AM and PM tinctures are similar in their targeted effects, but the ingredients differ a bit as one is designed for daytime use, and the other for end of day rest. Our AM tincture is formulated using white grapefruit essential oil and huperzia herbal extract – popular for its mood enhancing and focus-boosting properties. The PM tincture contains sweet orange essential oil, which has been shown to help with calmness and relaxation. Both are made with lemon, rosemary, and peppermint essential oils as well as herbal extracts of boswellia, ginger, and turmeric! We use slightly different terpenes in each formula as well.

We use only clinically-proven ingredients in our products. We carefully select each and every ingredient, so you can always rest assured that our products are reliable and consistent every time.”