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thc cbd gummies edible possible allergic reactions

Bad reactions to CBD certainly aren’t common, but they are possible.

CBD allergies, on the contrary, have different effects. An allergic reaction transpires when the immune system overreacts to any substance that the body deems to be a threat. Here are four signs that may suggest that you are having an allergic reaction to CBD:

Bad Reactions to CBD

A blood test, on the other hand, is when a sample of blood is drawn to check if there are any CBD antibodies present. In the case of there being more antibodies than expected, you are likely to be allergic to CBD.

An allergic reaction can be induced by any product that the body deems to be an allergen. Most commonly, allergies occur from medication, insect stings, foods, pet dander, and pollen. Since CBD comes from the cannabis plant, CBD contains properties like histamine and pollen that could cause allergic reactions.

Potential side effects include dry mouth, dizziness, lethargy, nausea, diarrhea, and drowsiness. Generally speaking, these effects aren’t anything to be concerned about and are typically caused by using too much CBD at once or just having sensitivity to CBD.

There are typically three root sources as to why a person might believe they are allergic to marijuana:

Your doctor or allergist will most likely need to conduct a skin test, for this is typically the most accurate way of understanding cannabis allergies and sensitivities. These tests involve skin pricking and are typically a non-invasive method of testing, which produces quick results. If you are allergic to marijuana, you will experience some redness or itching on the area of skin tested within about 15-20 minutes.

Allergy Cross Reactions

There are alternative options for those who are trying to remove smoking cannabis from their lives, either due to smoke being harmful for their asthma, or negative reactions because of pollen and mold.

This is typically when you might need to cut marijuana out of your life. We are so sorry, and this really sucks, but luckily this allergy is quite mild and not too common. If your symptoms aren’t so bad, try switching over to edibles and processed forms of cannabis too, your allergy might actually be a pollen or mold problem in disguise. If you don’t mind doing a little experimenting and you feel personally that it is safe to do so, explore your other weed options and see if any of them make your body react in a different manner.

A very good indicator as to whether or not you will be allergic to marijuana is if you have allergies to foods or any other substance which have similar protein properties. This is known as allergen cross-reactivity. It occurs when the proteins in one substance (typically pollen) are similar to the proteins found in another substance (typically a food).