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About TasteBudz

TasteBudz was founded in January 2017 by Brooks and Eli who aimed to make the so-called “perfect gummy”. Their gummies, unlike other competitors’, are not sugar coated, have a chewy texture, and there is no hash aftertaste. The main reason for this premium experience is because TasteBudz use only pure CO2 oil which is combined with other high-quality ingredients. All products are made from scratch in the TasteBudz kitchen by knowledgeable professionals who use craft batches, ensuring homogeneity and quality.

Why Choose TasteBudz

TasteBudz specializes in cannabis edibles and currently offer four flavors that are Indica or Sativa-specific. This ensures consistency in expectations and experiences.

Each bottle of 100mg contains 10 mg of THC gummies which impress through potency, taste, and consistency. The THC gummies are manufactured using proprietary single origin oils.

TasteBudz’ high-quality CBD gummies are free of solvents, and artificial additives. They offer the benefits of CBD in a delicious, chewy gummies with varied levels of THC.

User Reviews 6

Great taste purely the best

these gummies are a tremendous step forward in edibles imo. they’ve replaced my old 1,000mg gummy. no sugar coating to deal with. no gummies stuck together. a much much better product after using my old one for over 2+ years weekly.

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This is one of a kind brand. Their products are very effective and deliver results within a short time. They are well dosed to deliver the required daily CBD dose. I have never experienced any negative side effects so I would be happy to recommend them.

I have bought their products several times from my local dispensary and I am quite happy with the results. The dosages are on point and the effects are always consistence without any negative side effects. I really love them.

TasteBudz is a favorite for me and my family. The products are very effective and you only require a piece to get the right dose for the day. My fiancé was experiencing problem sleeping and when he tried one of the gummies, sleep time has never been the same again. highly recommend them.

Tasty treats to the taste buds. This guys have lived to their name there is no doubt about that. Their addorted flavor gummies are my best treat. Very fruity and flavorful and does what they are meant to. I really love them.

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Rosin Raspberry Lemonade 50:1 | CBD | THC |

The TasteBudz C-Suite line of gummies was intentionally crafted to bring you the elevated benefits of functional cannabinoids.

If you’re seeking elevated benefits without too elevated of a high, look no further. Our Raspberry Lemonade gummies deliver a 1mg micro-dose of THC alongside 50mg of CBD.

Hybrid | 50mg CBD 1mg THC each | 500mg CBD 10mg THC total

Some dispensary partners may still be selling through CO2 inventory. Be sure to check with your budtender what rosin strains they have available.

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