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talk to doctor about cbd gummys

However, talking to your doctor about CBD oil can be an intimidating task for a variety of reasons. What questions should you ask? Is there a stigma attached to using CBD oil instead of traditional medicine? Is it even legal to use in your state?

Don’t spend another day suffering in silence when CBD oil may be a treatment option that could help you. As the misinformation around CBD oil continues to disappear, you should feel more confident than ever about talking to your doctor about using CBD oil.

Do Check the Legal Status of CBD Oil in Your State

You know CBD oil might be able to help you, and you’d like to explore using it, but how do you actually talk to your doctor about it?

For example, you might start with, “I’m here today to discuss using CBD oil to manage my health condition.” Being clear and to the point will ensure there is no confusion between you and your doctor.

If CBD oil could improve your mental or physical well-being, there’s no better time to start using it than now. People have known about the benefits of CBD oil for some time, but are hesitant to discuss CBD with their doctors because of the stigma and misinformation that have surrounded cannabis and cannabis-derived products for years.

The best way to find out if your doctor will give you a recommendation or not is to bring it up in your next appointment.

Here, we’ll give you some tips on how to talk to your doctor about using CBD for your condition. We’ll also cover some of the most common reasons why your doctor might not be on board.

1. Check the Legal Status of CBD in Your Country and State

CBD is being touted as a new and improved option for people with chronic pain. It’s non-addictive and has its own set of painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects. Some of the effects work through the same mechanisms as opiate painkillers — opioid receptor agonism (activation) [1].

Let’s get into it.

Depending on the local laws, there may be medical programs available for which you need to have a doctor’s prescription or recommendation to buy and use CBD products.