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taking cbd gummies to foriegn countries

Asia has one of the strictest laws regarding cannabis after the Middle Eastern region. India is the only country in the region where you can travel with CBD products. The THC content should not exceed 0.3%. In Japan and Singapore, you can only travel with CBD with 0% THC. If you travel with CBD oil to Japan, with limited contents of THC (even 0.2%), you could get detained or even worse. Japan imports CBD and refines it to contain 0% THC. If you must use CBD when travelling to Japan, buy only Japanese manufactured CBD products.

Although Africa has the best climate to grow the hemp plant, cannabis, and all its derivatives are banned apart from South Africa. Although travelling with CBD to South Africa is legal, it must meet strict laws and regulations. It should not contain more than 0.0075% CBD and 0.001% THC. Medicinal CBD products that contain more than the legally acceptable limit must have a doctor’s prescription. Furthermore, daily consumption should not exceed 20mg.

Only buy travel-appropriate CBD oil quantities. You must conduct adequate research and know the quantity that is legally acceptable. In the US, it is 3.4 ounces or less, 3g in Belgium, and 100ml in other countries. Also, you can carry less spillable options, such as CBD gummies or capsules.

Travelling with CBD to South America

Other than India, other countries in the region believe that cannabis and all its derivatives are harmful, addictive, and can cause death. It is better to leave your CBD at home than risk being arrested, jailed, or even receive the death penalty.

Travelling with medicinal CBD is entirely legal in these countries as long as the THC content does not exceed 0.2%. The flight authorities may ask for a doctor’s prescription. Also, Denmark has prohibited the buying of CBD products for pets.

Note that the Middle East does not tolerate cannabis or any of its derivatives, including CBD. All the countries in the Middle Eastern region are conservative. In fact, carrying CBD oil is regarded as drug trafficking, an offence that carries a death penalty! In other countries, you could be jailed. For the sake of your safety, you should NEVER carry CBD or any derivative of cannabis to the Middle East.

Notably, there are some situations where the Transport Security Administration (TSA) officials are not up-to-date on the differences between CBD and marijuana. Ultimately, you may be delayed at the airport because of additional screening.

The legality of cannabidiol still varies from country to country, so travellers will need to carefully research and understand the requirements of the country they’re visiting. In fact, the legality of CBD oil in the jurisdiction you are travelling to is the most crucial factor to consider.

However, the situation in the US isn’t as straightforward as it appears. While state law may accept CBD oil, local decisions can still conflict with federal regulations. As such, it is always a good idea to research the local laws of the specific state you’re flying into.

Flying with CBD oil


As such, without extensive research or written permission, the uncertainty associated with taking CBD oil on a flight doesn’t outweigh the benefits—at least in the majority of situations.

If you cannot be without CBD oil, make sure you thoroughly research any applicable regulations. You can always contact an airline or security agency directly to ask what their stance on travelling with CBD oil is, especially if guidance is lacking online.