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spectrum nova cbd softgels

*1oz CBD 2 GO, *5 SOFTGELS Per Capsule, *125mg THC-Free Active CBD, *25mg THC-Free Active CBD per serving* Fast & Convenient, * Flavorless, *Derived from Hemp grown in the USA, *Formulated & Packaged in the USA. Ingredients: Crystalized Broad Spectrum Cannabinoids, Coconut MCT, gelatin, sorbitol

SpectraNova THC-Free Soft Gels 5 Count: Life can sometimes feel hectic and spin out of control. Cannabinoids (CBD) include benefits that may relieve stress and provide a relaxing calmness. SpectraNova Softgels are your go-to product if you prefer the conveneince of taking pure CBD without the dropper. The sofgels are easy to swallow and have no flavor. They offer a precise dose with no guesswork. Quality You Can Count On: At SpectraNova we understand some of our customers just can’t take THC, no matter how small the amount. We heard you, and are pleased to offer THC-Free Softgels. Zero THC, zero risk and still with all the known benefits of our organically grown cannabinoids. So enjoy the relief of THC-Free Softgels without the grief of THC? Grown & Packaged in the USA: SpectraNova proudly uses CBD derived from hemp grown in the USA, and is formulated and packaged in the USA.


Phat Hempies is a collection of CBD products for the CBD Enthusiast in mind. Phat Hempies uses only CBD Oil derived from Industrial Hemp grown in the USA. Matter of fact, Phat Hempies grows almost all of the Industrial Hemp used in it’s own products. Phat Hempies is a special product, with a special name just for the unique consumer who demands the absolute best. Explore Phat Hempies THC-Free products!

Interested in becoming a distributor of SpectraNova CBD products? SpectraNova CBD is a brand consumers trust and is quickly becoming a nationally recognized brand name. Whether you currently sell CBD products or interested in becoming a CBD distributor, SpectraNova CBD is a perfect match.


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At work or just on the go, SpectraNova CBD Softgels provide you the convenience of CBD in a small travel size container.

At work or just on the go, SpectraNova CBD Softgels provide you the convenience of CBD in a small travel size container.

How do I shop for a CBD Oil Tincture?

You can keep the oil in your pocket or purse so its always there if you would like to use it.

• 1,000mg per 30ml jar

How was this list of the best CBD oil UK put together?

Here’s the stats

Like all CBD suppliers on this list, all the goods are regulated and tested for purity.

Over the last few years, the CBD industry has grown tremendously throughout the UK.

Make sure that everything is made from hemp, as opposed to THC-rich marijuana.