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Charlotte’s Web has you covered with their premium CBD products whether you’re looking to relieve your anxiety & stress, for pain relief, or to sleep better at night.

In general, there is no right or wrong dose of CBD. Some people are able to use a dose of as little as 5mg to experience the full effects. Others may need a full dose of 150mg in order to feel the same benefits of CBD.

#1 – Charlotte’s Web

Like all full-spectrum CBD oils, Five CBD’s products are packed with various other cannabinoids and terpenes in addition to CBD. It does possess THC as well, though, so you should make sure you are able to take this type of CBD because it does equate to roughly 4% THC content per bottle.

Q. Is CBD oil legal?

Q. What is CBD oil?

High potency oil

According to Sol CBD, liposomes are double-layered liquid filled bubbles made from phospholipids. These spheres are filled with CBD and then transported into the body directly to the gut where they can be absorbed directly into the immune system, then blood, avoiding elimination by the liver. This creates a fast acting product with a high bio-availability. That’s cool.

So, can a CBD oil be USDA organic?

In a lab test from February 2018, a High CBD Concentrate bottle had 19 ppm of beta caryophyllene, a terpene also found in basil and oregano.

Sol CBD uses sunflower sourced phospholipids, not synthetic ones. Unlike others on the market, this liposomal product does not contain GMOs, propylene glycol, ethanol, or artificial flavors or sweeteners.