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seventh heaven cbd botanical hand cream

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Seventh Sense Botanical Therapy is a high-quality line of specially designed body and skin care products, made with essential oils and CBD—the finest gifts nature has to offer. Our world-class products are thoughtfully crafted to enhance your everyday self-care routine. Lotions that sink in quickly and leave a soft, pleasant scent. Balms with potent amounts of CBD that penetrate deep without being sticky or stinky. Bath bombs, salts and suds that can speak for themselves without the novelty of their magic ingredients. Experience the power of nature’s most-coveted ingredients for yourself. We think you’ll like what you discover.

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PRODUCTS: Body Lotion, Hand Cream, Muscle Care, Foot Care, Face Care, Lip Balm, Body Wash, Bath Salts, Bath Balm, Sugar Scrub

Like always, let’s talk big picture before product-specific reviews. Seventh Sense Botanical Therapy is a line of high-quality CBD body and skincare products. Think: sugar scrubs, body washes, muscle balms, and more. Each product is designed to soothe the body in one way or the other, whether that’s targeted towards aches and pains, tension, or all-around inflammation.

Read on to find out why.

CBD Muscle Balm ($25)

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After trying the hand cream, my expectations were rather diminished for this foot cream. As a result, I was pleasantly surprised by how affected I felt after application.

I have to be honest, I didn’t feel any soothing sensation other than how silky smooth my hands felt after application. The cream is made with arnica, shea butter, and 250 milligrams of CBD. At the end of the day, the CBD inclusion feels trendier than effective, but I’m also never going to shy away from a hand cream that smells like the inside of a citrusy Soul Cycle studio (AKA the Citrus Blossom scent).