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It was in 2008 they began selling a wide variety of American hemp products in the Seattle area. They learned after a few years that what really helped people were the products that contained CBD. They spent four years developing a strain of American hemp that was high in CBD and low in THC — THC is the element that creates the psycho-active effect. Then they began to work with a farm in Oregon to grow their creation.

Based on customer feedback and their personal fulfillment, two years ago they re-invented the business to consist solely of the pain-management products and a few bath and beauty products. Experience had shown them that their products helped people and that was meaningful.

When harvested, these plants are put through a state-of-the-art CO2 extracting machine. The machine takes in the entire plant, minus the roots and expels a thick yellow waxy-like substance. It’s then further fractionally distilled to completely remove any residuals, leaving pure CBD (Cannabidiol) extract.

There are three owners, three young men under the age of 30 who began this journey years ago. Sam Konovalov was the original visionary to carve their path but the story goes back to Russia a few generations back. Sam’s great-grandfather had been a beekeeper and “village doctor” in rural Russia. He used native plants and bee products; honey, wax and pollen to help the local community manage their health. His daughter was a keen learner who carried on the tradition.

The professionalism, the meticulously researched and developed products, the high quality of plants and passion these young men bring to the business all spells success.

It was this woman who came to the United States and later became Sam’s grandmother. While Sam’s mother worked, his grandmother would watch Sam. He spent almost all of his after-school hours and summers having adventures at her expansive property. She would be making her renowned healing salve and showing Sam all the medicinal plants in the fields and forest. She would educate him on how to harvest the plants to ensure they would regenerate. She would explain how to use different parts of the plant, processing them and using them fresh or dried.

They offer customers to rub a bit of a pain-relieving salve sample on an aching area, walk around the market and come back. This direct experience can educate the consumer onsite.

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