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ripple cbd powder review

What is it? Ripple, made by Stillwater Brands, is THC in powder form (water-soluble cannabinoid powder) that is immediately dissolved into any food or beverage (though the package strongly discourages alcohol). The calorie-free powder comes in individually-packaged plastic-lined paper tubes in both a 10 mg THC dose as well as a 5 mg THC/5mg CBD dose. Stillwater claims that the THC is absorbed “under the tongue, in the soft tissue of the digestive tract and finally, in the liver” to make its effects hit sooner than normal edibles. This reviewer noticed a slightly faster blast-off but definitely in the realm of other edibles, time-wise. (Individual metabolizing speeds will vary from person to person regardless.)

The taste There was an ever-subtle chemical flavor. But that could have been the water or in our heads. Ultimately flavorless, making it a great addition to anything.

The look Brown paper tube on the outside (similar to a single-serving tube of sugar). Inside is a fine white powder, with the consistency of baking soda.

The effects Strong. Multiple users claimed stronger-than-usual effects for the 10 mg THC dose, but always very controlled and pleasant. The effects felt like a hybrid sativa/indica with no discernible head high/body high feeling either way. Just all-around goodness. The 5 mg THC/5mg CBD version was a hit as well, with effects that were quite mellow and a great option for occasions where MJ and socializing don’t mix well.

The final verdict Excellent product and a lot of fun. The versatility alone makes it something to always keep on hand, whether an addition to cooked food or any beverages. It’s also easily portable and discreet, especially with all the powders people pour into their drinks these days. Out of the package it’s as unassuming as any sweetener or supplement. Highly recommended for anyone who considers themselves an “edible person” but also for anyone who likes experimenting with different delivery forms.

We recently found out at Indo Expo that they also have a CBD Company called Caliper which provides the same experience for just CBD.

Company Claim:

RIPPLE SC (sorbitol, modified food starch, organic coconut oil, cannabinoid distillates)

Nothing scary about the ingredients. Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Sugar Free, Keto.

The Company: