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rethink cbd gel capsules review

ReThink sells Mango and Strawberry flavored syrups, each with 50mg of CBD alongside melatonin. These are deliciously flavored, but not so sugary that they’ll keep you awake. Each syrup costs $16.99.

ReThink products are on sale at pharmacies throughout the USA. However, the brand’s website contains little information about the actual people behind the ReThink label, where they are based, etc. It’s also unclear where the hemp comes from, and what extraction process ReThink uses.

Potencies start at 100mg and go up to 3000mg, covering a range suitable for all users. The flavors, which are only available in specific strengths, include Mint and Orange. Prices are also quite reasonable and start at just $34.99.

ReThink CBD Sleep Support

For capsule lovers, ReThink sells CBD gel capsules. These soft gels are easy to swallow thanks to the gel coating, which is made using gelatine. There are several capsule varieties, some of which contain additional ingredients.

The ReThink sleep support range contains several of the products already discussed, such as the Sleep Support Gel Capsules and Sleep Gummy Drops. However, there is also a selection of Sleep Support Syrups.

ReThink stocks CBD + CBN formulas, CBD + CBG formulas, and more. Most come in a 30-count bottle, though there is also a 4-count pouch to try out. No matter the variety, each gel cap contains 25mg of CBD.

ReThink is a brand all about promoting health and wellness.

Pet Shampoo – 250MG – A broad Spectrum CBD shampoo naturally derived from Hemo. Also, contains an assortment of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and beneficial fatty acids, such as Omega 3 & Omega 6.

Hemp Breath Freshener – Stress & Mood – 50MG – This spray includes citric acid, GABA, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, sucralose, natural flavors blend.

CBD Hemp Gel Capsules – 750MG and 100MG – Made from organic hemp-derived CBD Oil. Includes gelatin, potato starch, citric acid, malic acid, natural flavoring, tartaric acid, natural coloring

CBD for Pets

CBD Night Cream – 250MG – The nightime option with CBD, Caviar Extract, and Collagen with the binding effect of Retinol

CBD Day Cream – 250mg – A daytime cream with Caviar Extract and Collagen along with full spectrum CBD

All of the CBD oils are made with broad spectrum CBD oil with zero THC.

There is a lack of reviews online for Rethink CBD. As you’ll see below, this person asked for feedback on Reddit and did not get any.

Additional ingredients :
The cannabis plant contains over 100 different cannabinoids. While research is in its very early stages, evidence is growing that these cannabinoids may also have significant health benefits. The terpenes found in cannabis give it its distinctive aroma– and have health benefits on their own! Full spectrum products are closer to the original plant and may offer additional health benefits.

CBD can be combined with a variety of supplements to support various health goals. For example, CBD can be combined with melatonin, the sleep hormone, to help sleep. Some companies add other herbs or other natural products to support the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD while others may add nutrients to support calm, energy or exercise recovery.