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My wife suffers from Anxiety and I do too and we’ve been reading A LOT about CBD. In March she tried some capsules by +CBD and it was a miracle! Almost all of her anxiety was gone, she got her libido back in a strong way, and life was amazing for about 2 weeks. She went back to feeling bogged down after a few days off of it and April was back to awful.

After talking we think it was the CBD oil because it was the ONLY thing that changed other than her NOT having to take xanax. Anyway I got the Charlottes web capsules for her and she’s been taking them for about 5 days, Idk how long it took to kick in before because I didn’t know she was taking them on a daily basis. I’ve been taking CW lowest strength tincture (all I can barely afford ATM) for about 2 weeks & Im getting noticeable results now, generally feeling better, less anxiety, better blood flow, less achy, etc. I’d really like to save up for the advanced so i can 1/4 size my dose and stretch it out (lots of $ savings in the long run).

Anyway sorry for the back story but I just want to get my situation out there, it could be helpful.

To the point: Are there other reputable companies that offer hemp extracts just as potent for less $? Or is there a better capsule for women? I’m desperate for normality & connection in my home, anxiety is a monster.

*Edit: Also I’m wondering how big the difference is between the 2 she’s tried.

Bluebird Botanicals is good. Check out r/cbdinfo for more recs.

Of course CBD products are available in most dispensaries, but where can I find capsules? I'm looking for something that is healthy and easy to take and has 0% THC. Any recommendations?

Don’t limit yourself to just the dispensaries. It’s pretty much a commodity at this point. They actually started selling it at target and Wal-Mart. The most important thing is that you use a trusted company with verifiable lab tests. There are some shady companies out there that will sell you bath salts/ spice as cbd ?.

CBD lozenges, drinks, tinctures, and other stuff that you hold in your mouth (chocolate works well as you let it melt) provides the best absorption rates. The only way the pills will work extremely well is if they're suppositories.

Check out r/cbd for more info and a list of verified vendors