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People often point to smart appliances as an example of how IoT will change our lives such as a refrigerator that detects food quantities and automatically orders refills, which are then delivered—all without any involvement from you. But the impact on businesses will be far more dramatic. For example, Harley Davidson reduced its build-to-order cycle by a factor of 36 and grew overall profitability by 3% to 4% by shifting production to a fully IoT-enabled plant 1 and Royal Dutch Shell realized a $1M return on an $87K investment in a remote IoT-based asset monitoring and maintenance solution that tracks activity across 80 oil fields in West Africa, with a combined daily oil production across the oil fields is nearly 600,000 barrels a day 2 .

It all comes down to data

Finally, engage with an experienced partner to help you make the most of IoT’s potential. Look for someone who brings real-world, value based experiences and can assist you in developing a roadmap, and integrating all the moving parts. Look for help with implementation and cybersecurity planning; and, you’ll need someone to show you how to apply analytics to pull insights out of all the data your IoT components generate.

Where the Internet of the 1990s connected people to each other through their computers and mobile devices, IoT goes further, using Internet-enabled smart sensors to connect virtually any one thing to any other thing: whether it’s a machine, shipping container, industrial asset, or even a complete manufacturing plant or network of facilities. This interconnectedness allows organizations to tap into a level of data, and oversight, they’ve never had access to before.

Every new technology today is built around, and/or relies on, data. IoT is what generates that data. Without a network of sensors gathering and sharing information, no other digital technology would be able to reach its potential. In fact, as more and more devices and facilities start sharing information with each other, the more robust IoT becomes, and the more automated a business can be. This is what makes IoT a foundational technology. The data collected by IoT feeds the ability of AI to recognize patterns and use that intelligence to produce smarter processes.

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160 PA1!T C L AS^^IFICAT I ON OF REACTIONS, ETC- III. 1. REACTION WITH ALKALINITY TESTS. The behaviour towards litmus is so easily seen on reference to column (J, in Part II., that another list here appears unnecessary. Towards Phenolphthalein, it is interesting to note that nearly all alkaloids are neutral solutions of their salts being indicated as if the acids were free. The following are exceptions, i.e., react alkaline lo liheiiulpltlliakiii. Atropine. Coniine. Homatropine. See Plugge, A n-h. Phi [3], 25, 45. Hyoscine. Hyoscyamine. Nicotine. 2a. SOLUBILITY IN WATER. Tlie foltincinrj suhstaiires are niiluhle in iraler, and may be regarded as exception.s, for the greater number of the A., U. and B. are insoluble. Those in italics are very soluble cc = miscible in all proportions those in brackets are soluble with difficulty df.c.=ditficuuly cold. Alkaloids. Acolyctine. Aoonine. Anagyrine..\recaidine. Arecaine..Ireeoline. 1 Aspidosperraatine. ‘Atropine, 1 in 200. ‘[Bacharine, df.c] Berberine, 1 in )^0U. Caffeine. Calabarine. Cedrine. Chrysanthemine. Codeine, 1 in 80. [Colchiceine, df.c, sol. hot.] Colchiei lie, very. Conhydrine. Coniine, 1 in 100. Cuprine. Curarine. Cynapine. Ci/tisine CD. Dibromapophylline. Ecboline. Eegonine, very. Echitamiue. [Ephedrine.*] Ergotine. Erythrophloeine. Glaucopicrine. Guaebamanine. Guvacine. Heliotropine. Hyoscyamine. Isopelletierine..Taborine. Laburniue. Lobeliine. [Lu])anine.*] Lupinidine. Lycoctonine. Macrocar )ine (?). Mandragorine. Methylpelletierine. [Morrenine.*] Jluscariiie oc. Nicotine. Pelletierine. Piliganine. Pilocarpidine. Pilocarpine. Piperidine oc. Piturine. Pseudaconine. Pseudopelletierine. SahailiUine, very. Sabadinine. Sabatrine. Sinapine thiocyanide (yellow). Sophorine. Spigeline. [Staphisagrine, 1 in JOO.] Theine. 1 in 98. Theophylline. Trianospermine. Trigonelline, very. Vlerine, very. [Valdivine, hot.] [Violine,df.] Glucosides. Achillein. Adonin. Amygdalin. Aphrodtescin. Apocynein. [Arbutin, df.c, sol. hot.] [Asclepiadin, df.] [Asebotin, df.] Bergenin. Bryonin. Cathartic acid Chamslirin. Colocynthin. Coniferin, 1 in I’JG. Convallamarin. Convolvulin. Coriamyrtin. Crocin, reddish-yellow. [C’yclamin.] [Datiscin, df.c, sol. hot.] Digitalein. [Digitalin.*] Digitonin y^. Echugio. Fabianin. [Fustin, sol. hot.] Gentiopicrin. Globularin. Gratiowlin. Helicin, 1 in ((4. Indican. Loliin. [Menyanthin, df.c, sol. hot.] [Murrayin, df.c, sol. hot.] Naringin, 1 in 300. Paristyphnin. Pinipicrin. Propffiscinic acid. Rhamnin (j-ellow). Rhinanthin. [Robinin, df.c, sol. hot.] Salicin. Saponin. Scoparin. greenish – yellow. Sinalbin. Sophorin. Slroiihanthin. Thevetin. 1 in 122. Amaroids, etc. Agoniapicrin..Authorities iliffer.

89 : [ I : ‘ ^ lli4. PARIS quadrifolia L. Lilidi-eir. Investigators : Walz, Delffs, sto Jahvh. Pliunii., vols. 4 to (‘i, N. Jahrh. rhann., vols. ‘J and 1.3. (a) PARIDIN G., C,.H,,0- (Delff.«). Crystallizes in silky needles containing water neutral reaction, pungent taste. Acids convert to Paridol and sugar. Soluble in.lo parts alcohol of 94 per cent. scarcely in ether difficultly (V) in water. (Though Walz so describes its solubility in water, Deltts separates it from Paristyphnin by its readier solution in that fluid.) (h) PARISTYPHNIN a., C. H,0,s yellowish- white amorphous bitter. Tonverted by acids into sugar and Parklln, the latter again undergoing chiinae, see (o), into Paridol and sugar. Soluble in water and alcohol, not in ether. Reactions : Alkaline hydrates, dissolve yellow. Ammcmia di.ssolves. Tannic acid, precipitates.? ll’i.’i. PARHELIA ceratophylla (P. physodes) Lkhenrs. Investigators: O.Hesse, Ann. Chein. Pliar7n., 112, 3(\o GerAiug, Archie. Plmrm. [2], 87, 1. Mem. : P. parietina contains chrysophanic acid. (c] CERATOPHYLLIN. Prismatic crystals M.P. 147, with sublimate neutral reaction, burning taste. Hydrochloric acid ])recipitates from solution. Soluble in boiling water (scarcely cold), also in alcohol and ether. Reactions : Alkaline hydrates, dissolve when hot, (a) separating on cooling. Lime water I t. dissolve. Ammonia ) [No pp. alcoholic lead acetate.] Ferric chloride, purplish-violot coloration. [Silver nitrate, no reaction.] Chloride of lime to the alcoholic solution, blood-red. Concentrated sulphuric acid, dissolves unchanged. Concentrated nitric acid, dissolves slightly yellow. (h\ PHYSODIN. Crystallizes in microscopic pillars MP. I’io^ neutral reactions. Soluble in ether and hot alcohol. Reactions Alkaline hydrates, dissolve, 3’ellow, changing to red. DICTIONARY OF THE ACTIVE riuncll’ OF PLANTS. Concentrated sulphuric acid, violet solution from which water precipitates bluish-violet flocks. UV,. PASTINACA sativa (Parsnip) Umhelli/rnr substances (a) and (0), the latter also in Heracieum. Investigators : Wittstein, Repert. Pluinii., 68, IT) : Gutzeit. P.rih-rtfjr . Pflan

28 i ‘\ li! DICTIONAKY Ol’ THE ACTIVE PltlNrU’LK Crystallizes in prisms M.P. ‘JS^-‘JS". Resembles Atropine in physio- Icigiciil action. Soluble only with difficnlty in water, iilthough liygroscopic readily in ether and chloroform. Precipitants Picric acid, yellow becoming crystalline. Mercuric potassic iodide, white flocculent. Mercuric chloride in alcohol, to the free base, red pp. (HgO). Colour test : Evaporated with nitric acid, then touched with drop of alcoholic jiotash when cold, yellow coloration. ‘ ((/) HYOSCYAMINE A. (Duboi>ine Commercial samples with latter name are frecjuently only scopolamine.’ Schmidt), CiyH^jNOj isomeric with Atropine, from which it differs only (according to Ladenburg’s suggestion) as tartaric differs from racemic acid. Crys. in needles or plates if pure, otherwise amorphous M.P. 108 and slightly volatile feebly Ieevorotatoi-y. No odour if pure, otherwise tobacco-like. Dilates the pupil. Reaction alkaline, both to phenolphthalein as well as litmus (compare Atropine). Sharp and disagreeable taste. Soluble in hot water with difficulty in the cold (easier sol. when im(iurc), in alcohol, amyl alcohol, ether, chloroform benzene. It is removed from alkaline solution by benzene and ether (not easily by latter). It may be obtained in the cri/stalliiie form from benzene (in needles), and from chloroform (in plates), but only amorphous from amyl alcohol or ether. Precipitants (Aluaiine hydrates, only in part even with concentrated solutions). carbonates 1 ( VAmmonia hydrate " " " "’ / Tannic acid, yellowish-white. Picric acid, yellow. [^Not ferric chloride.]? Nut Platinum chloride, unless concentrated (pp. sol. in excess Dragf-ndorff, Erraittelung der Gifte’). ‘ Gold chloride, yellowish white. \_Not potassium ferrocyaiiide. ferricyanide. sulphoc_\anide. chromate.j Phospho-molybdic acid, yellowish-white. Phospho-tungstic acid, lodo-potassic iodide, orange. [Not potassic iodide alone.] Jiismiith-potassic iodide, red amorphous. Cadmium-potassic iodide, 1 in I’l.OUU. Mercuric potassic iodide, white. Mercuric chloride. Iodine tincture. Colour tests (negative) : Concentrated sulphuric acid, colourless. with sugar, no effect. with potassium bichromate, discoloured. nitric acid, colourless. hydrochloric acid, colourless. Frohde’s solution. (</-2) PSEUDOHYOSCYAHflNE A., Ci-H.^.XO^. Obtained by E. Merck from Duboisia niyoporoides. Crys. needles M.P. ISii’-lS-l’ (with decomposition) lajvo-iotatory. Readily soluble in alcohol and chloroform with difficulty in water and ether. Yields, on hydrolysis, tropic acid and a base isomeric with Tropine. Gold chloride salt of Pseudohyoscyamine melts at ITil C. (/() HYOSCINE A. (Sikeranine Scopolamine), C,-H^XO:, (Ladenbnrg), or C17H.J1NO, (Hesse and Schmidt) amorphous semi-fluid, giving crystalline.-alts M.P. about 0.’)’ (Hesse), or 5!!’ (Schmidt) tevorotatoiy: [a]n= Dilates the pupil. Soluble iu alcohol, ether, chloroform, benzene, and with difficulty in water. Removed from alkaline solution as atropine (see above). Precipitants Grid chloride may be separated from commercial Hyoscyamine by fractional precipitation. Potassium ferrocyanide, white amorphous. lyol by potass, ferricyani le.j No coloration with concentrated sulphuric acid. [No! by potass, sulphocyanide.]. chromate]. Phospho-
tungstic acid, lodo-potassic iodide, pp. oily. [Not potassium iodide.] Mercuric-potassic iodide, yellow. Mercuric chloride, amorphous. (/) ATROPAMINE.A., Ci7H. N0^, : stands to Hyoscine as does Apoatropine

red idem soluble soluble yellow pp. basic no pp. pp. neutral (no pp. ferric chloride) (Fehling’s solution not reduced) Fehling’s solution reduced

199 Olaucopicrine IXDIiX OF SrBSTANCE?, IIEACENT^J, ETC. 187

200 Lactucerin ‘ INDEX OF SriJiTANCES, UEAUENTS, ETC. Tsoquinine Isorottlerin Ivain Ivy glacoside (Helixin) Jaboridine Jaboriae Jalapin Jalapinol Jaiiiaicine = Berbenne Japaconitine Javanine. Jervic acid Jerviue. Juniperin. Jurubebine Karakin. Kellin Kosin Laburnine (Cytisine) Lactucin Lactucon Lactucopicrin Lanthopine Laserol : Laserpitin Laudanine Laudauosine Laurotetanine Lead acetate ],ignoia. Lis^ustron. Lilacin Limoniti. Linamarin Linarin Linaiaciin. resin Liniin Liriodendrin Lobeliine. Loevo-atropine Cinchona (2(i) Rottleria, Addenda Achillea Hedera Pilocarpus. Cuiifolvulaceai Berberis Aconitum (/) (‘inchona (1)4) Veratrum. Juniperus. Sulauum. Corynooar )iis Ammi Brayera Cytisus )1 VSi 1, log 1^ ,138-14, 124, , , r,0, , ,126 S, ,114 Lactuca ,130 Opium (10) ,130 Laser])itiuia (o 132 Opium (18) ‘, 130,- C^l) 7.5,130 Lauri.ece ,132 I’recipitant Xo. 3 also Part III. 151 Cinchona (:iil) ,122 Syriuga )7 Syringa AuraiUiarur i^i) ,114 Linum ,’ 132 Linaria ii 132 Linum di 132 Liriodendron , 132 Lobelia t)2 132 Atropa (() Loliin Loturidine Loturine Lo.\opterigine Lupinin Lupinidin Lupinotoxin Lupanine Lupinine Lupuliniu Acid Lycaconine Lycaconitine Lycoctonine Lycopin. Lycopodine Macleyine (Chelerythrine) Macrocarpine Maudragorine Maugostin Marme’s reagent seecadmium- Potassic iodide (this index) Marrubiin Mayer’s solution. Meconic Acid Meconidine ileconin. Meconoisiu Megarrhin Megarrhizin Megarrhizitin Melanthia Melin (Rutin) Melonemetin Slenispermine Jlenyanthin Mercurialine = Methylamine Mercuric chloride. see also Gerrard test!mercuric-potassic iodide Methyl-arbutin Methyl-coniine Methyl-morphine (Codeine) Methyl-pelletienne SEE

»-yellow >/>.colourless yellow Mayer’s solution, red-yellow pp. soluble yellow j insoluble soluble yellow pp. nl., basicj no pp. neutral (reduced) j (reduced) yellow-red yellow on warming decomposes momentary crimson no pp. other metallic salts (hydrochloric acid, soluble warm! (Fehling’s solution, not reduced) red colour soluble forms compound with PbO, sol. alcohol soluble red (precipitates from solution) salts of heavy metals, p]). Alcoholic solution. t Alcoholic solution no pp. nqueous solution. 17