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organabus cbd gummies reviews

Their “organic” CBD vape oils have natural flavors listed on their outdated QR code + product info sheet, not organic ones. According to this same document (the only thing we have to go by since the company does not even list their ingredients), the MCT oil in the “organic” tinctures is also not organic. The list goes on, but our major problem is with these two products since they are specifically marketed as organic.

The Organabus product line contains the following CBD products, ranging in price from $9.99 to $134.99:

We cannot speak to the Organabus mission, nor to the expertise of their team, since they do not say anything about either. What we do know is that their CBD oil comes from CO2-extracted industrial hemp. Where that hemp grows is anyone’s guess.

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Our main bone to pick with Organabus is their organic claim. Their homepages states, “We are organic,” and, “Organabus products are made with quality organic ingredients.” But just a basic peek into their product line and you’ll learn this isn’t the case at all.

Organabus’s fun logo looks like an old school hippie wagon with the requisite cannabis leaf; they give the immediate impression of a company dedicated to good vibes. But they’re going to have to do better than old-fashioned good vibes to get our approval. Our main issue with Organabus is the ‘organic’ claims that don’t match their ingredients, and we have a couple more axes to grind with this CBD oil vendor that needs some work.

Organabus has a pretty wide selection of CBD products including typical favorites and a CBD nasal inhaler which you don’t see everyday. We know from checking their out-of-date CoAs for cannabinoid content that they use isolate, since no CBC, CBN, or CBG were detected in any of the tests. Obviously, there’s a problem here since these CoAs are from over a year ago, there aren’t any results for contaminants, nor does Organabus even mention testing for contaminants. Yikes.

Bottom Line – We wish deeply that all CBD companies with good motives would get with the program and give consumers the information they need to make an informed purchase. We look forward to re-reviewing Organabus as soon as they provide basic product information, laboratory test results, a clear mission statement, and any proof of participation in philanthropic endeavors.

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When it comes to where Organabus sources its hemp, no location is provided. It’s likely the company is simply ordering their CBD extracts in bulk from another manufacturer to make their products and thus have no idea where their hemp comes from or what the quality is like.

We don’t know much about Organabus and while most companies jump at the opportunity to showcase what they represent, Organabus provides none of this is.

As we’ve already mentioned, this company offers virtually no information on the quality of the products they carry. There are no lab tests provided by themselves or independent labs, no information on hemp source, and in some cases, no information on the ingredients used to make their products.