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not pot cbd gummies

I first heard about Not Pot through their tongue-in-cheek social media presence. Due to an early period of the gummies being out of stock, the first thing I ever received from the company was a potato. I’m serious. They sent me a potato. And then a few months later, the gummies came.

What’s better than a CBD gummy with quality ingredients? A CBD gummy with some heart as well.

G. L. DiVittorio

The integrity of these gummies doesn’t stop there. Not Pot’s mission is one I resonate with, too. The country has not fully reckoned with the damage that the war on drugs, specifically weed, has done to marginalized communities for using the same products that we can now buy in all different forms from major retailers. Not Pot is a rare self-aware CBD brand that actively advocates for criminal justice reform and retroactive relief. A margin of their profits also goes to the I buy Not Pot gummies for the benefit they provide to communities most impacted by the systematic oppression created by the war on drugs. I want to feel good about buying the products that make me feel good. Not Pot CBD gummies check both of those boxes with a couple of potatoes to spare.

Not Pot gummies are a little bit different in taste and texture than the gummies I’ve had before. Not Pot has developed high-quality ingredients to keep their gummies as simple as possible. Instead of processed sugar, they use tapioca as their source of sweetness, which helps keep the gummies free of dyes and artificial flavors. And, instead of gelatin (which is apparently made from boiled pig and cowhides—gross), the brand uses citrus pectin.

The gummies themselves, well, they don’t taste like a typical gummy. I would compare a Not Pot gummy more with the taste and texture of dried fruit or one of those “all-natural” versions of Swedish Fish. But knowing there were no cow bits in my gummy made me more than OK with this.

The Not Pot Original Gummies have 20 mg of CBD, which is a solid dose and pretty in line with most other gummies out there.

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👉 If you’re new to CBD and want to just dip your toe in, Highline Wellness’ CBD Anytime Gummy has a light, 10mg dose.


Beyond that, they’ve now stripped down to two gummy essentials: An original CBD gummy and a CBD + Melatonin gummy. And no more wild flavors 😞: they’ve pared it down to the accessible Strawberry and the familiar Blueberry, respectively.

So that doesn’t totally clarify the extraction method, but there ya go.

These are definitely a noticeable vibe, more than say Lord Jones, which is so light we thought it was mostly a gelatin pillow. No, this bitter berry is a CBD mood and it’s a good one.

These are made with pectin and tapioca (so they’re vegan!), which gives them a really satisfying chewiness, without being rubbery like gelatin-based gummies can be sometimes.

I’m more inclined to buy CBD gummies from Not Pot as compared to other brands because I appreciate the company’s initiatives. Not Pot is in full support of cannabis legalization, and they acknowledge that the war on drugs has hit people in marginalized communities the hardest. They partner with The Bail Project, a non-profit that assists people stuck in jail merely because they can’t make bail. Not Pot puts their profits toward paying for someone’s bail each month.

The freedom of not having to fear extreme sickness has been incredibly liberating. Initially, I was just taking CBD for anxiety. It wasn’t until I did research later about CBD and periods that I realized it could be helpful in alleviating period pain. I have yet to try them, but there are actually CBD patches that you can buy to help deal with cramps! Fun stuff, eh?

I have a tendency to get extremely sick at the start of my periods. And by that I mean I get nauseated, throw up, get severe cramps, become dizzy, break out in a cold sweat, have diarrhea….yeah, it’s absolutely nightmarish. I was constantly living in fear that my period would come on a workday and that I would experience one of those terrible bouts of sickness at work. There have been numerous occasions that I’ve had to excuse myself and leave my shifts early because I was so sick.

Period Pain

I’ve found that when I take CBD gummies daily for at least 5-7 days before my period, the majority of those severe symptoms go away. I will still experience some cramping and back pain, but those are generally minimized with some ibuprofen.

As a note, I got these ingredients off of the bottle of watermelon gummies that I currently have and photographed for this post. From what I can tell on their website, they’ve since gone back to their regular bear-shaped gummies. I’m not sure if they used slightly different ingredients for these circular ones, but even so, I feel the changes would probably be minimal.

The following is a strictly personal account of how CBD helps me in day-to-day life. How it might affect you could be completely different, so bear in mind that this is just my personal experience!

One unexpected, but entirely welcome benefit of taking CBD is that my unpleasant period symptoms have lessened significantly.