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naysa cbd gummies reviews

Throughout my adolescence and twenties, I never had trouble sleeping. It wasn’t until my thirties that my sleep became inconsistent. I would go to bed at 10:00PM, wake up around 6:00AM and still feel tired, as if I had been up all night. So I tried to find a solution. I tried everything, from melatonin to changing my eating habits. I had read that athletes sleep and perform better if they stop eating by 8:00PM. Unfortunately, none of that worked.

If you’re yearning for sweet dreams, here are a handful of CBD brands and Hemp based products I recommend trying:

I was just about 14 miles into my run to the top of San Gorgonio when my coach passed me a bottle of Venga CBD gummies. I was hesitant but took one (25mg). Having already adjusted to the altitude change, I knew that the calm wave which came over me about twenty minutes later had everything to do with the gummies. I felt fantastic and was able to keep running without the thought of any aches or pains, and 20 miles and 11,503 ft. elevation later; I felt just fine! That evening, I took one more and slept like a baby!

Nira Hemp oil products are formulated by Dr. Laszlo Mechtler who is renowned for his work on cannabinoid-based therapies. It’s important to note that there is a tiny fraction of THC (0.3%) in these softgels. I happen to be very sensitive to THC; so beware if you are as well. Each gel has 10mg CBD and is formulated with phytocannabinoid-rich oil derived from the highest quality hemp flower. The softgels contain a powerful formula that is comprised of a wide range of cannabinoids. I took 30mg one evening. My body was extremely relaxed.

Naysa Isolate Gummies

NAYSA 20mg Massage and Anointing Oil – Made with a blend of full-spectrum CBD and all-natural botanicals

These CBD products that can only be purchased from an authorized NAYSA reseller. We were able to find at least one CBD marketplace that does sell these products.


Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter – 100mg – 4 Oz – Made with water, glycerin, shea butter, hemp extract (broad spectrum), and more

Beyond this brand information, there are few details regarding the company behind the products. Also, the business basically only presents positive words and substantial health claims throughout the website.

The business farms its organic CBD products in the USA, and manufactures products in a GMP certified facility using natural ingredients.