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my club 8 cbd oil

MyClub8 is going to officially launch sometime in January is what the Hopsvine has to say. The Club has been in the prelaunch phase sinch April of 2017. Charles Vest “DAD” or now “UNCLE”, our fearless leader spoke for a couple hours to an excited and enthusiatic group of VIP’s (visionaries of infinite possibilities) The educational and training event took place in Charleston South Carolina. People traveled North, East and South to be part of this event from Tampa, Ohio, Jersey and Philadelphia.

Building on our history of customer validated success, today we’re focused on phytoceutical optimization for more than a dozen plants in order to maximize their bioactivity in the human body.

Another important update 12/17/2017.

We pioneered many firsts for hemp derivatives, including a 99% pure crystalline powder, micro-encapsulation for topical products, and nanotechnology for use in food & beverage and pharmaceutical grade applications.

These are outstanding gifts for the season that will help envigorate someones life. Jump on these specials as you may never see these prices again!

DAD (Director of Affiliate Development) spoke this last Friday Live on FB about the future of Club8 and how this will be the retail Direct Marketing arm of Isodiol International which is becoming a conglomerate of companies with similar goals. To spread the word worldwide about plant based products that we trust!

Will this change once My Club 8 goes live? Possibly. But with the company’s President and CEO having such a checkered, borderline criminal past, it seems unwise to become involved in such an endeavor.

In essence, it’s little more than a pyramid scheme with a bonus gift as a fig leaf.

Whether or not the Nano Drops product works is largely irrelevant, as the primary driver behind My Club 8 is offering an MLM money making opportunity that is completely dependent on unceasing, ever-inflating membership recruitment.

My Club 8 Opportunity

Membership costs $39.95, plus shipping. Members can also sign up for a $99 monthly autoship option to keep receiving Nano Drops regularly.

Right now, My Club 8 is pushing hard in a membership drive that encourages you to recruit heavily in order to make a few bucks on the side, all the while enjoying Laguna Blends’ “miraculous” Nano Drops product.

The more you recruit as a My Club 8 member, the deeper your compensation scheme becomes.

As My Club 8 is still in prelaunch, prospective members can “lock in” an affiliate position by paying the $34.95 price.