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mr salt e mint mocha cbd tincture

MCT oil, full spectrum hemp extract*, artificial and and natural flavors.

This Mint Mocha flavored Full Spectrum tincture contains not just CBD, but many of the other therapeutic cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. This is known as the “entourage effect”. Studies have shown full spectrum products can reduce inflammation and pain more effectively and at lower doses than just CBD by itself.

* Full spectrum products can potentially result in a failed drug test for THC metabolites.


Clevr Golden SuperLatte
Cancel the caffeine jitters and opt for a turmeric-and-oat-milk latte. Naturally sweetened with monk fruit and chock-full of warming spices, this Clevr spin on trendy golden milk lattes hits the spot for a comforting, post-lunch pick-me-up.

23. HERBIVORE CALM Soaking Salts

Everyone’s favorite Himalayan pink salt blends with ylang-ylang and vanilla to soothe the body with this bath soak from plant-based, sustainable skincare brand HERBIVORE. Don’t forget to recycle the chic glass bottle to reduce waste.

26. Naipo Massage Gun

We can’t go to a spa for an hour-long deep-tissue massage, so why not bring it home? This Naipo massager puts in the work and all you have to do is hold it over tense muscles to alleviate stiffness and relieve any pain. The portable design plus long battery life means you can keep it near you at all times for when the soreness starts to set in.

Activist Skincare Healing Water Toning Mist
The vegan skincare connoisseurs at Activist believe self-care is fuel for the activism we should all be doing every day. So while you’re making calls, advocating for marginalized communities, and attending protests (safely and with a mask), remember to take a moment for yourself. Add this hydrating, hyaluronic mist to your desk essentials for a small, calming break. The matte glass, recyclable bottle adds an elegant design to your workstation and the refreshing scent of cucumbers instantly calms.

3. OUAI Chill Pills

It’s Friday night and you’re not going anywhere, so what’s there to do? Light some candles, play some jazz, draw a hot bath, and drop in these adorable OUAI Chill Pills for some seriously luxurious me-time. Each jasmine-and-rose-scented vegan tablet is filled with hemp, jojoba, and safflower seed oil to leave skin ultra moisturized.