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mixing terpenes with cbd oil

To Put it Simply – Terpenes should account for 1% – 10% of your full spectrum oil formulation depending on the application. Topical’s and Health & Beauty products should be towards the top end (i.e.

**Terpenes are flammable! Exercise caution when handling and never bring near any ignition source. Terpenes are volatile and will evaporate, so be sure to store in an appropriate closed container and in a cool dark place.

B) In a vapor locked container (preferably a reagent bottle or glass test tube with a glass, or inert vapor proof stopper):

A) In an appropriate glass vial, test tube, beaker, or mixing container:

Continue reading for detailed instructions.

Using concentrate? Just add 1-5% of the total weight (we suggest starting around 2% and see how you do) When using concentrates we grab one that is supposed to taste just like the strain or profile it was named after, unfortunately many are disappointed by the lack of aroma or taste, this is because during the refining process a lot of the terpes are stripped. This is where terpene isolates or profiles come in handy. You can match the terpene profile to the strain (like Jack Herer or Granddaddy Purple) you add back in what was stripped including the aroma and taste (oh and boost the medicinal benefits to!)

DId you know terpenes can be added to all sorts of things (not just for cannabis) to enhance the profile, change it almost completely. We use it in:

Myrcene: Has a sweet subtle aroma, This ones great to help THC cross the blood brain barrier (which you are not going to want for teens). It’s one of our top picks for pain management and stress.

Linalool: Think lavender and sleep. Want help sleeping this is the one, it’s great for stress and anxiety too.

It’s a super simple process, add about .2mm to your pipe bowl (just lightly coat the bowl) or 1-2 drops per gram of cannabis. It may not seem like a lot but trust us, it is. You can also add a small amount to your grinder, grind the bud and them smoke/vape). You can also lightly oil your grinder then grind the flower.