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mile high cure cbd gummies review

All the benefits of Hemp oil in a tasty pouch. Mile High Cure CBD gummies come in an assortment of fruit flavors. Mile High Cure CBD hemp oil gummies are infused with full spectrum CBD, which is a natural source of cannabinoid (CBD). CBD works positively with our Endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for keeping our body in homeostasis

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Both of the tilt cards have hard plastic bubbles on the front of the card that encases a large capsule-shaped plastic housing for the two capsules. In order to open the packaging, you need to remove a very strong adhesive tape covering the back of the card packaging. Once this is removed, you can remove that capsule-shaped plastic housing and easily pop it open to get to the black capsules within. I will say that despite the professional design of the packaging, I was a little surprised (and disappointed) that the capsule-shaped package was a little too easy to open. I would have liked a screw-off top to prevent the capsules from scapsuleing onto the floor (especially if I had opened the container too quickly). The capsule-shaped plastic, although completely clear with a gold chrome cap, seemed cheaply made; it was also covered with the gluey residue from the strong adhesive tape, making my thumb and index finger annoyingly sticky as I handled it. But once I had the capsules in my hand, I took a few moments to curiously examine them. The black capsules were a little smaller than the size of a Tylenol PM capsule and had an incredibly tiny white butterfly stamped on the front, along with the words Est. 2017 in the center. And now…for the actual review of the performance!

The company does offer third party lab results on their website, but only for the gummies, 2500mg tincture, moon roll hemp joint, moon rocks, CBD cartridge, pet treats, and male sex enhancement powders. You can view this information by clicking the Information drop-down tab and click on the Lab Results tab. The sheer volume of products on their site makes it very difficult to display lab results for every product. However, if you’re concerned about the ingredients of a specific product, you can always reach out to their customer service for a particular product’s results, as the company states that every single one of their products has been third party tested.

Now we move onto one of the more unique products in this CBD lineup from Mile High Cure: the pre-rolled hemp joint! I was perplexed at first because it looked just like a weed joint, but the packaging assured me there was less than 0.3% of THC in the product. This was one of the prettiest product packagings I’ve seen. A clear glass tube with a painted gold screw-off lid made such a statement. The product is described on its website as being made with top-shelf hemp flowers that contain up to 42.5% CBD. That’s quite a bit of hemp in one product! The hemp flower is then covered with CBD oil and Kief. Once the CBD has soaked into the Kief and hemp, it’s packed into a 1 gram king cone of Raw rolling paper and is ready for smoking! I don’t smoke cigarettes so I had to enlist in the help of one of my friends who used to smoke cigarettes before he got into vaping. The hemp joint had no odor of hemp or tobacco before lighting it. The texture of the hemp joint was very smooth and lit very easily. Once lit, it stayed lit for several minutes in spite of gusty winds. My friend said he was reminded of Marlboro Reds, as it was similar to non-menthol cigarettes. It tasted very strongly like the tobacco in a cigarette, and I kept needing to spit just like how you would for regular cigarettes. The joint gave off a very light smoke and the smoke did not smell like weed or hemp, but more like tobacco. I held in the smoke for a few seconds and noticed a slight burning sensation in the back of your throat, similar to vaping high nicotine vape juice.

CBD Sour Watermelon 500MG Gummies

Maybe it’s just me, but I find that reviews are more intriguing when there are several products from the same company all included in one article. Well, buckle your seat belts, folks! Today we’re in for a wild ride above the clouds, thanks to the delicious CBD treats from Mile High Cure! We actually have quite a few products to go over, ranging from dog treats, topicals, edibles, sex capsules, and even smokeables! There’s so much that Mile High Cure CBD has to offer, but we’ll go over each of these in detail and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting!

When I first got this product in my hand, I was super skeptical. How could anything derived from a hemp plant taste remotely like chocolate? Most tinctures come in simple flavors like peppermint or unflavored, so something as exotic as chocolate cake was simply bewildering. I started off by examining the package. The painted brown and black 30mL bottle was elegantly stamped with a gold butterfly and the company’s name printed in gold lettering. However, the brown lettering on the back of the bottle was extremely difficult to read, as it was an uncomfortably small print that I had to squint to read. The warning lettering was easier to read since it was in white lettering, so perhaps the brown lettering on a black background wasn’t the greatest choice. The bottle cap was also gold, with the rubber dropper being a soft black. The bottle comes with 625mg of full spectrum CBD , along with organic hemp seed oil, MCT fractionated coconut oil, organic sunflower seed oil, and natural flavor oil as the ingredients. After examining the bottle and shaking it thoroughly, I unscrewed the top to see how it smelled. I swear I thought I was sniffing a can of chocolate frosting, with the faintest hint of hemp mingled in. You can imagine my impatience to try it! I squeezed the dropper nub to suck up the tincture and was stunned to see that the tincture was golden! I was fully expecting a dark brown or black e-liquid, so you can imagine my surprise. One thing that was unique about this tincture was that you could see a slight inconsistency of the oils as they separated in the dropper. There was a golden translucent color to the tincture, mixed with chocolate brown-colored bubbles in the graduated dropper. This may have been from the vigorous shaking I did right before opening it, but nothing that would be cause for alarm.

I held the tincture under my tongue for the recommended 60-90 seconds and was delighted to taste a smooth and sweet flavor of (you guessed it!) chocolate cake. Even swirling the tincture around in my mouth, I tasted the familiar flavor of moist chocolate cake, complete with chocolate frosting. This is the only tincture I’ve willingly had multiple helpings of in a single sitting, because the flavor was JUST THAT GOOD. When I swallowed, I didn’t taste any nasty aftertaste or even a hemp flavor that lingered. Just sweet and comforting chocolate cake memories. I rate this flavor as a solid 10 out of 10, for flavor, scent, texture, and ease of use. I would have liked the bottle lettering to be easier to read, but that has nothing to do with the flavor of the tincture. This is an absolutely fantastic product that I am proud to recommend. It’s listed as $29.99 on the company’s website, but for the taste, you’re getting a solid bang for your buck. Who knew CBD tincture could taste this good?

This is definitely the oddest yet most intriguing product I’ve seen in the CBD world: sexual enhancement CBD capsules. I was dumbfounded when I found out that people give their pets CBD, but once I understood more about what CBD is, I appreciated CBD pet treats for their calming qualities. But CBD sex capsules? I was wildly curious to see how they would work. I’ve never taken sexual enhancement capsules before and have a healthy sex life. But if you can make great sex even better, why wouldn’t you want to try it? Now the following review is going to get graphic and pretty descriptive, so I apologize in advance for anyone reading this who isn’t prepared for a peek into my sex life!