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Amazing products and radically compassionate/generous company!

"THC-free" products have non-detectable levels of THC (the one that gets you high). THC-free products are infused with pure CBD or cannabis distillate with THC removed. Try our Original CBD oil, CBD Gummies, or 1000mg CBD oil for daily use if you are sensitive to THC or would like to try a product with CBD only.

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Chicago Cannabis Company specializes in cannabis extracts and cannabinoid-infused products. We thoughtfully craft our selection of cannabis products and source high-quality ingredients.

Although CBD oil isn't a miracle cure all, I have seen huge improvements!

Love that it's a Chicago based company.

CBD enthusiasts will tell you that it changed their lives, citing all sorts of positive effects. Skeptics will tell you that it’s all hype and has no actual benefits. The truth falls somewhere in between. Our survey found that 32% of people who’ve used CBD did not find it effective. While there hasn’t been extensive research on its effects, it shows promise as an anti-inflammatory , anti-anxiety treatment, as well as a sleep aid . And this can give us some insight into CBD’s appeal as a new addition to holistic wellness routines.

“CBD can have varying strengths depending on if it is used in isolation or if used in conjunction with THC for entourage effects,” says Dr. Singal. And some people want these compound effects. However, there are a ton of CBD producers and retailers out there, and not all of them are reliable. Although 47% of the Americans that we surveyed think the government regulates CBD, it does not.

Recreational vs. medical cannabis use

People use CBD for almost everything. Name a medical condition and there’s likely someone out there treating it with CBD or other cannabis products. But when someone claims that CBD cured their migraines or skin rash, take it with a grain of salt. Because the CBD industry is so new, there simply hasn’t been enough research to fully understand its effects yet.

“CBD contains multiple oil-based terpenes, which can excite the immune system,” says Dr. Hall. “The most common side effects associated with CBD-based products include sleepiness, sedation, and lethargy; elevated liver enzymes; decreased appetite; diarrhea; rash; fatigue, malaise, and weakness; insomnia, and possible interaction with some prescription medications.”

As far as drug interactions go, there hasn’t been a ton of research and testing, so it’s hard to say. CBD can potentially interfere with tacrolimus , an immunosuppressive medication. Because there are a lot of unknowns, anyone looking to supplement their current medications with CBD should consult a healthcare provider first.

CBD was first identified and isolated in 1942 by chemistry professor Roger Adams at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Little was known about it until a study with a small sample was published in 1980 that found CBD could reduce or eliminate the incidence of epileptic seizures. As Ryan Lewis tells it in The Ultimate Book of CBD Remedies, drug warriors stifled research and blocked publication of CBD studies during the 1980s. In the next decade, more was learned about the CBD miracle. A 1995 study found that CBD significantly reduced the number of hallucinations experienced by those with schizophrenia.

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Back in Illinois, the land of CBD tolerance and acceptance, people have come out from the shadows to open CBD businesses in both the city and suburbs. Sometimes these storefronts are literally next door to the offices of local politicians. My local vape shop, 312 Vapes at 3221 N. Sheffield is next door to the office of Alderman Tom Tunney of the 44th Ward and state Senator Sarah Feigenholtz. In fact, many vape shops throughout Chicagoland have added CBD vapes to their offerings. At this point, it would be surprising to find an Illinois vape shop that does not offer CBD along with tobacco, nicotine, and kratom vapes. In honor and celebration of Black History Month, we’ve included a couple local minority-owned businesses we highly recommend you check out.

Black-owned Chicagoland CBD Business

Terpenes give all varieties of the cannabis plant its unmistakably strong odor. As explained by authors Leonard Leinow and Juliana Birnbaum in the book CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis terpenes are oils secreted by the glandular hairs found most densely on the floral leaves and flowers of female plants. Their flavor and smell identify the particular strain along with its known health effects. The same terpenes found in THC rich cannabis plants can also be found in CBD hemp plants with virtually no THC.