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medihemp cbd capsules raw

CBD capsule easy and healthy
The CBD capsule is the solution for everyone who wants to enjoy the healthy benefits that CBD(A) and other cannabinoids has to offer without any effort. We already know that CBD is healthy for humans (and animals). Many investigations and different governments and universities demonstrate the wholesome properties without any doubt. So you don’t need to measure or dose in a difficult way any more, just take a CBD capsule with a bit of water and that’s all. The health will flow into your body.

One CBD capsule, full of CBD, CBDA, cannabinoids, omega fatty acids and a lot more. All the benefits of concentrated organic hemp in one handy capsule. Enjoy effortless from the wholesome effects that the hemp plant has to offer.

CBD capsules without additional taste
The CBD capsules have been created because the taste of RAW CBD oil can sometimes be experienced as very sharp. The CBD capsules are made of Raw material to improve the effect between botanic cannabinoids and our own cannabinoid receptors (CB1/CB2). Because no form of heating is applied during the production process we can classify these capsules as Raw.

MediHemp CBD every capsule contains:

MediHemp, the power of craft
The family company MediHemp has been created out of the wish of the founders to use all the benefits of Mother Nature to live in a better way. They wanted to depend less on the modern (chemical) medicines, though still be able to combat a range of symptoms.

MediHemp CBD every capsule contains:

The power of hemp was known before, and in sunny Austria, in between the characteristic grapevines (Burgenland), 15 hectares of hemp was planted. Not knowing that the pure MediHemp would be so successful. Over the years a lot has happened, including the introduction of the CBD capsules. Meanwhile, more than 200 ha were planted with hemp, and the end of the rapid growth is not yet in sight.

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Looking to buy Medihemp CBD Oil? The CBD Products produced by Medihemp are completely organic and certified. When you are looking for organic CBD Oil or another hemp product, Medihemp can not go wrong!

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The premise of Medihemp is: to supply hemp products of the highest possible quality that contribute to a balanced lifestyle. As a result, they are always working on innovations to increase the bioavailability of the cannabis extracts.

Bioavailability also stands for the extent to which the body of a human or animal absorbs the CBD / CBG. The higher the bioavailability of a product, the better the body absorbs it. Continuous research is needed to achieve the highest possible bioavailability. This is the reason that Medihemp invests a lot of time, money and man-hours in the research and development of hemp products. In this way, they keep abreast of technological developments in hemp and can make immediate adjustments to the production process if necessary.

‘Quality’ and ‘organic’ are very important to Medihemp. Absolutely nothing is added during the production process that is not necessary. Certain substances that have no added value for the human body are removed with the greatest care. That is why Medihemp products never contain chemical additives or alcohol solutions. We emphasize it again here: all Medihemp products are allowed to carry the AT-BIO-301 label and are supervised by the Austrian Food Safety Agency (AGES) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).


Made from organically grown hemp from Austria
Getting high is out of the question
Recommended dosage: take 1-2 capsules per day half an hour before a meal
25 mg CBD per capsule
Total of 750 mg CBD
Legal in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

The CBD oil RAW is used in these CBD capsules. Vegan capsules packed with CBD, CBDA, terpenes and flavonoids. The power of the hemp plant combined with organic, cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

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The sisters Andrea Bamacher and Elke Mortiz are the founders of the Austrian company Medihemp. Their mission is to develop natural products that are good for body and mind and help us lead a healthy life.