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making cbd isolate powder into a dab wax

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Once winterization has been completed it is necessary to now quickly filter those fats and waxes we coagulated from the miscella. A filter press is used with the assistance of a vacuum pump to pull the miscella mixture through a series of filter plates. Fats, waxes, etc are collected in one vessel and the desired miscella in another.

While under vacuum, the extract is loaded into the feed tank where it passes over a heated rotating plate. From there, the heated oil then enters a secondary vessel where there are spinning wipers and a thin film is created around the heated, jacketed vessel. A long condensing coil in the middle of the vessel, cooled with recirculating fluid, recondenses the vapors back into liquid form. Receiving vessels then collect the CBD (known as ‘main body’) from the terpenes, volatiles and high boiling point cannabinoids (known as ‘heads’ and ‘tails’).

Step 3: Filtration

An additional option that some manufacturers complete to change the structure of the CBD isolate is to subject it to a crystallization process. This process results in a final product that is still 99.9% CBD but has a crystalline structure.

CBD isolate is 99% pure CBD, often in the form of a white powder that can be mixed into drinks or taken sublingually. This option is often popular among people who are just beginning to explore the use of cannabis or hemp derived products or looking to avoid the euphoric high associated with THC. It is also a great option for people who want hyper-accurate doses of CBD and the flexibility to create their own customized mixtures in their preferred carrier oil or liquid.

Winterization is the process of removing the fats, waxes and chlorophyll from the extract. Not removing these will lower the percentage and purity of the targeted CBD compound we are trying to capture. To achieve winterization you are essentially cooling down the extract to sub-zero temperatures with a solvent. Then, maintaining that chilled environment for a period of time in order for the lipids (fats and waxes) to coagulate and separate from the crude oil – now termed ‘miscella’.

Step 4: Clean the nail.

Given all the materials, temperature specifications, and expertise seemingly required to operate a dab rig, you may be wondering why anyone would prefer to dab CBD isolate over consuming it in a tincture or smoking non-isolated CBD.

Provided you’re using a dab rig and not a dab pen, which is a much simpler process, the steps are as follows:

A step-by-step guide to dabbing CBD isolate

If you’ve followed every step correctly, you should be able to take a smooth, potent, and fast-acting hit of CBD isolate with your dab rig.

Dabbers may opt for additional accessories according to their personal preferences and smoking habits. These may include carb caps, which serve a similar function to a dome but are used for different types of nails, or an e-nail, which are self-heating electronic nails that can burn at an exact temperature to ensure the best hit.

CBD Facilitator is focused on providing excellent information about how to reap the myriad benefits of CBD, in addition to providing quality products. CBD is an incredible compound that can benefit many, and accessing those benefits doesn’t have to be as tricky or opaque as it may seem.

The key to dabbing is heating the nail to such high temperatures that the concentrate applied to it can be smoothly vaporized and easily inhaled. For this, many individuals will opt for a blowtorch, which can heat the nail to incredibly high temperatures.