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making cbd capsules

Adding your own CBD hemp oil is simple and doesn’t require any additional tools.

Plus, by adding CBD oil to empty vegetarian capsules, you have complete control over serving size. While CBD hemp oil capsules are available to purchase, they contain a specific amount of CBD per capsule. By making your own, you can create capsules of higher or lower potency.

CBD hemp oil is legal under federal law in the United States. Individual state laws, however, are dynamic and states may enact their own laws related to hemp-derived CBD. You can also obtain CBD products through ECHO’s charitable program. Learn more about how to get CBD oil here .

Things you’ll need to make your own CBD capsules:

First, separate the two ends of a capsule and set aside the smaller end. Fill the larger end of the capsule with the desired quantity of CBD oil without overfilling. Some CBD hemp oils come in oral applicators with a nozzle and measure markers, making it easy to cleanly and precisely fill the capsule.

Creating your own DIY CBD hemp oil capsules takes just minutes. You can fill a single capsule before each use or make enough for the week or month ahead. Any filled capsules that are meant for later use can be placed in a baggie or pillbox and stored in the refrigerator until needed.

Once the end is filled with the oil, securely replace the smaller end to reseal the capsule.

When you’re ready to take a capsule, simply swish it down with a mouthful of your favorite beverage.

Dry capsules would have the same effects as the oil capsules. However, you may find it takes longer and creates more mess when you put powder into the caps. Either method works… it’s a matter of personal preference.

Separate capsules into tops and bottoms. Put bottoms into capsule holder.


Method #1 Use Concentrates

Use either virgin coconut oil or liquid coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil makes longer lasting cannabis capsules, but must be utilized before mixture solidifies. Otherwise, the syringe will become clogged. Liquid coconut oil is easy to work with but can result in leaky capsules.

Decarb concentrates for canna caps, if desired.

Each “0” capsule holds .5 mL product; use 15 mL liquid including oil and dissolved concentrate to make 30 capsules.

Store capsules in a dark container since sunlight degrades THC.