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make cbd gummies

We used our Green Unicorn Farms 3000mg CBD oil, which comes in a 60ml bottle, so we needed just 15ml (15 x 1ml droppers) as each full dropper contains 50mg of CBD.

= we need 750mg of CBD

The recipe we’ve shared below makes us 30 gummy bears per batch (two trays of 15), but you will probably end up with a different number depending on the size of your gummy molds.

Our CBD dosage calculations

This works out at just $1 per 25mg gummy serving!

We highly recommend that you make this recipe without CBD first. That way you can see how many gummies you’re going to end up with and work out the dosage from there.

Making 10mg gummies may be most convenient so that you can choose whether to take one, two, or three, depending on how you feel.

Ideally, you too should use a potent, high-quality, full-spectrum oil, like the one we have available here. Less potent oils and tinctures will require a lot more liquid which can lead to problems with the gummies setting.

12 ounces Flavored Gelatin

Separately, stir ¼ cup honey or agave together with the chilled fruit juice; then, whisk it into the gelatin until everything is thoroughly combined.


Stir constantly for 7-10 minutes, or until the gelatin has completely dissolved.

1 cup Fruit Juice (avoid citrus and pineapple juices)

Remove your Magical Gummies from the tray, serve, and enjoy!