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love cbd entourage oil 800mg review

Without further ado, let’s take a look at this Love CBD review and check out their range of products for sale in the UK, including things like size, potency, flavours, and price.

The company itself was founded in 2014, and its philosophy is simple; to provide high-quality CBD products at a reasonable price.

Love CBD Entourage Oil

This means no additives, no nasty chemicals, and no artificial flavorings are included in Love CBD UK products.

We reviewed some of Love CBD’s most popular products. Here’s what we thought:

Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil is available in three different strengths, all of which come in easy-to-use 20ml spray bottles:

We created it because we were convinced that most people will find a proper cannabis oil more effective than a CBD product made with CBD isolate (also known as CBD powder). The reason that a real cannabis oil will be superior is due to something which science has termed “The Entourage Effect”.

The Entourage Oil has been our most popular product since it was launched way back in 2015.

The concept of the Entourage Effect was conceived by an Israeli scientist called Raphael Mechoulam – who is the man who first discovered CBD. From his detailed studying of the cannabis plant, Mechoulam concluded that cannabinoids, such as CBD, have heightened impact when taken alongside other cannabis compounds.

In other words, a cannabis oil made from extracted cannabis – containing the hundreds of compounds naturally found within the cannabis plant – should be more effective than pure CBD taken on its own.

We loved this idea so much that in 2015 we developed a product based on it. And that’s been the goal of the Entourage Oil ever since: to perfect The Entourage Effect and produce the Ultimate Cannabis Oil.