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At the end of the day however, Friesen says, “Just take your favorite skin care product and find something with similar ingredients, add CBD, and you’ve already made it better.”

CBD products are not only popular, but also far easier to get your hands on than widely prohibited THC products. There are many ways to use CBD, but topicals are one of the most accessible. However, before choosing one off the shelf or online, there are a few things to know first.

Unfortunately, due to an oversaturated market and lack of regulation, not all CBD topicals will produce the desired results. CBD can be sourced from either hemp or traditional cannabis, but their resulting extracts typically have quite a few differences in terms of the diversity of compounds found within them.

Is a CBD topical right for me?

CBD topicals such as lotions, balms, gels, or creams are infused with CBD to produce skin-friendly products that contain the medicinal properties of CBD. In topical form, CBD is most popularly used for managing pain and inflammation.

While lotions will be water based, creams usually have a fat or oil base, and balms a thicker base such as beeswax. Water-based lotions absorb more quickly into the skin, but oil-based CBD topicals are more easily absorbed and get into the skin deeper. Meanwhile, gels can be useful for easier thicker application, making them possibly preferable for those with reduced hand dexterity, such as arthritis patients.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound produced by cannabis and hemp plants. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t produce a feeling of being high.

Some CBD topicals may have bases such as shea butter, or oils like coconut, avocado, jojoba, or vitamin E. These nourishing ingredients are great for the skin, providing added benefit to the medicinal properties of CBD. It’s also possible to find more traditional lotions with CBD or products with an Aquaphor base.

From athletes to busy parents, to people dealing with every day dry skin and soreness, the Every Day Optimal CBD Pain Cream was created for anyone who wants a bit of relief.

Arnica Montana has antibiotic properties, along with the ability to help with painful swelling. Applying the Every Day Optimal cream to tender muscles allows the cream to absorb into the skin and give your muscles the TLC you need.

Copaiba has qualities similar to cannabidiol. It helps with inflammation and aches. Much like cannabis, it often comes from nature as a leaf or a thick oil resin. Many people use copaiba to help small wounds heal faster, and it’s found in other skincare products like soaps and cosmetics.

Arnica Montana

To make an effective CBD cream, its essential to consider the human body, and the help it needs to relax and repair. With several creams on the market already, Every Day Optimal could easily identify what they wanted to improve upon. The first ingredient is a building block that all the best creams they found were made of.

Turmeric is known for its properties as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Though its natural orange hue isn’t present in Every Day Optimal’s cream, the centuries-old root still packs plenty of punch as an active ingredient. Customers can delight in its ability to fight bacteria and help calm itchy or irritated skin.

This article is brought to you by Every Day Optimal, making CBD products with natural ingredients that help customers feel their best every day.

To get the cream right, they had to dig deep into some of the most impactful ingredients that they could find in nature.