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lazarus naturals cbd capsules review

Marike has a keen interest in everything CBD. After starting her own journey managing chronic pain with CBD, she realized just how little objective advice there is out there. Today she advises fellow entrepreneurs who are getting into the private label CBD industry on what consumers value most, and what they need to do to provide the best possible product they can.

In February, 2019 NBC News reported on potentially hazardous lead levels in Lazarus Naturals products. Lazarus Naturals responded with an official statement after speaking to NBC about their findings. Apparently, NBC had purchased the Lazarus Naturals products on Groupon, a site that Lazarus Naturals has never collaborated with. The products in question also did not contain any batch numbers matching those that Lazarus Naturals apply to their products. They mentioned in their statement that they had been working to remove counterfeit Lazarus Naturals products from unapproved marketplaces. They also noted that the products that NBC had purchased from their official website had passed a full panel of testing.

The Bottom Line

If you want to support a “mom & pop” style American business, Lazarus Naturals should be high on the list. Although not literally owned by a mom and pop, the Seattle-based company is entirely employee-owned and they are very transparent about their products and processes. The founder, Sequoia Price-Lazarus, started the company in 2014 with a mission to provide high-quality CBD that is both accessible and affordable for all. He personally launched the Assistance Program which offers a lifetime 60% discount to veterans; those on long-term disability; and to low-income households. This mission is prominent within their company and seems to get them a lot of attention. Judging by their customer reviews where buyers thank them repeatedly for this program, they definitely found their foothold in this market. You can read more about the team on their website, where they introduce a few of their c-level executives and explain their individual responsibilities on the About Us page.

All Lazarus Naturals products are tested extensively in-house and by a third party. Each shipment of hemp undergoes an initial test for heavy metals, pesticides, and potency. After the extraction is completed, the same test is done to test for residual solvents (in this case ethanol). They use cane ethanol as a solvent for extraction, this is the same type that you would find in alcoholic drinks and therefore is safe for consumption. When producing CBD isolate, a final test for potency and residual solvents is performed. All final batches are tested again for potency and undergoes a quality analysis by a third-party laboratory. Lazarus Naturals publishes these third-party test results on their product pages, and updates them with every new batch. Looking at these results, the CBD content for the tincture from batch BC33(A) that we received contains 15.7 mg CBD per serving, 0.7 mg more than stated on the label. The results for heavy metals and pesticides were all below the limit of quantitation.

Lazarus Naturals have a great range of products, and they cover many different applications by offering a choice between tinctures, capsules, isolates, coconut oil, pet products and topicals. They provide a lot of information on their product pages. Apart from a detailed description of each product, there are three other tabs with additional information, customer reviews and the test results where you can look up the results for your specific CBD batch number. Looking specifically at their flavored and unflavored options, they offer a good variety of products within the range they have available.

The accolades keep coming in 2019. Lazarus Naturals received Rave Reviews’ honor of being included in their updated list of the “20 Best CBD Oils.” We are the only CBD company in the Pacific Northwest to receive this Rave Reviews honor.

June 2019 Update: Lazarus Naturals has earned several other awards and honors for our products and overall commitment to quality and safety. Remedy Review kicked off the summer by highlighting our tinctures in their new “Best CBD Oils To Buy Online” and “Best CBD Oils For Athletes” lists.

Our products were also named “Best Value” in the list, with Rave Reviews declaring us the “hands down” winner for “making CBD available to the masses without skimping on quality.” They also highlighted us “a company with a strong ethical backbone.”

Their list of CBD Oils to buy included our French Vanilla Mocha High Potency CBD Tincture. Remedy Review called it “one of the best products we tested in terms of flavor, strength and relaxation. They also noted its “strong terpene profile.”

The trusted online CBD reference source noted their “Best Of” guides are “a list of the best brands we trust most.” They third-party test all mentioned products for cannabinoid content, heavy metals and pesticides, among other criteria.