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kushy punch cbd gummies review

Discretion: 4/5

Consistency: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Potency, Effectiveness & Affordability

Kushy Punch sources their cannabis from local California farmers using ethical and sustainable growing techniques.

At $16, this is a solid price for an effective and consistent 100mg edible. Heavier infused chocolate bars with the same amount of THC typically cost $5 to $10 more. A sound investment.

An hour later, with a 50mg dose, my shoulders roll back, my jaw unclenches and my tongue separates from the roof of my mouth. Nearly five hours in I found myself slightly slurring my speech and dozing off on the couch.

Texture: 4.5/5


The effects are primarily as you would expect, with the Indica formula to be a more body-focused effect with relaxation, anti-anxiety, heightened senses and a light, calm type of euphoria. Sativa is more focused on the head, with creativity, energy and a similar effect of heightened senses.

The front of the box has a graphic that says there is 60 minute activation. With individual metabolisms varying so greatly, I’m not sure how they can back up this claim as being scientifically proven. Even as an individual I have had the same edible hit me significantly sooner or later than usual depending on what else is my system.

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Kushy Punch Cannabis Infused Gummies come in Sativa and Indica formulas. I greatly prefer THC edibles that indicate if they are Sativa or Indica, as I never know what effect I can expect with many generic “hybrid” edibles. These gummies provide specific effect with specific formulations, which helps you know what to expect. Kushy Punch also does make a Hybrid formula, a Recover formula (THC +CBD), a CBD formula and a Private Reserve hybrid gummy.

You have to push in the flaps at the sides of the box to open the inner container, then peel back a foil cover to reveal the 10 gummies. The gummies are in one large piece with sections you have to pull apart. Be careful separating them, as it’s easy to mistakenly rip off more than a single serving size piece.

These gummies are gluten free, dairy free, fat free, peanut free and kosher. They are not vegan or really vegetarian either, as the gelatin they contain is made from animal products. They are a tiny 3.3 calories per piece. As with many California edibles, they come in a package of ten doses totaling 100 mg of THC per package. The Sativa and Indica formulas have 0.1mg of CBD per 10mg of THC in each dose. At 3.3 calories per serving, they are a low calorie edible.

These THC gummies produce the effects you would expect from Indica or Sativa strains of cannabis. The strength is good, producing a noticeable effect similar to other type-specific edibles. The effects last the usual 4-5 hours for me.

The California-based nonprofit collective Kushy Punch pays tribute to the good kind of entourage effect with their Recover Gummies, which offer a 2:1 dose of THC to CBD. Each square-inch gummy comes pre-molded into quarters, with helpful packaging that clearly displays how you can portion your dosage.

When people talk about the strength and potency of cannabis products, they tend to focus solely on THC (and sometimes CBD) percentages. However, research has shown that different cannabinoids and terpenes can be more effective when working in conjunction with one another. The idea is that you use the benefits of the “whole plant” rather than singling out specific compounds.

In other words, THC and CBD might be stronger together than they are apart. This phenomenon is known as the “entourage effect,” which should not be confused with “Entourage movie effect,” a disorder characterized by recurring nightmares about Jeremy Piven.

That blend of THC and CBD means that you get mood enhancement and social anxiety relief without sacrificing clarity and focus.

That blend of THC and CBD means that you get mood enhancement and social anxiety relief without sacrificing clarity and focus. Each Kushy Punch line of gummies comes in a different flavor, and Recover is flavored black and blue raspberry. The candy comes in a brownish-red color, with tart berry flavors and an excellent consistency. It was not easy to nibble off a tiny piece and put the rest away.

For people who still prefer to focus solely on THC or CBD, Kushy Punch has you covered. Their CBD Gummies are flavored peach, while their high-dosage THC product T.K.O. comes in lime.

<div > Produced by N&R Publications, a division of News & Review </div> <div > Content: 60 mg THC + 30 mg CBD </div> <div > Price: $20/4 doses </div> <div > Uses: Mood improvement and social anxiety relief. </div> <div > Pros: Great packaging; excellent flavors; organic extraction methods. </div> <div > Cons: It’s extremely difficult to nibble on a single square and put the rest away. </div>