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koi cbd gummie reviews

Koi is headquartered in the UK, though they have offices in California. Their raw hemp comes from farms in Colorado.

Koi’s tropical CBD gummies are offered in 200mg in 6 or 20 piece bags.

Alternately, I took one during a particularly stressful day of work. Before I knew it, the day was over and I felt productive.

Who Are Koi CBD?

Tropical Gummies Sour 20pc – $29.99

The CBD isolate, in particular, has witnessed medical breakthroughs as yet unheard of in the scientific community. But it goes beyond healing. CBD has also been used as a relaxant. And it’s this area of the drug where gummies truly shine.

It’s rare to find a product that gives you such a peaceful feeling without side effects. I’ll surely be revisiting these Koi’s CBD gummies.

Just like any fine candy or gummy multivitamin, pop one in your mouth and wait for the effects to take hold.

Please note that this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. All product is available while current supplies last.

You can get the health benefits from CBD in a delicious experience with Koi CBD Gummies in Tropical Fruit Flavors. You’ll get 10mg of Broad Spectrum CBD in every gummy. With each bag, you will discover the tropical fruit flavors of lime, tangerine and strawberry. We carry these in a 20 count bag size option. Koi integrates a 3-step (mixed & rolled out 3 times) process. That ensures that the CBD content is consistent from piece to piece. You can immediately tell the difference between Koi gummies and other brands who use CBD spray to coat their gummies. We’ve tried an awful lot of gummies and these are one of our faves! The gelatin base gives you a softer texture that you find in a traditional gummy candy, rather than a harder pectin base that you find in a gummy vitamin.

Why Choose Koi CBD Tropical Gummies

Please note that this is not a vegetarian product.

In our experience, most people find benefit from CBD when taking somewhere between 15-50mg of CBD daily. At 10mg per piece, we would consider this product to be a good fit for someone who is looking for a low to moderate daily serving of CBD.

Organic Naturally Occurring CBD in Hemp Oil Proprietary Blend Infusion, Water, Gelatin, Sugar, Adipic (for tartness), Citric Acid (for tartness), Natural and Artificial Flavoring, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40