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joe rogan cbd oil

Maynard James Keenan revealed that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this year. He claims that he’s still suffering symptoms including joint pain and coughing fits every other day, even though he hasn’t had the virus for over eight months.

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What brand of CBD does Joe Rogan use?

Maynard: A dropper.

Joe: I’m taking 1000mg a day. It’s a high dose.

Maynard: Yeah.

Unlike benzodiazepine and other medications commonly prescribed to treat anxiety (or opiates commonly prescribed to address pain), CBD doesn’t cause addiction or dependence. This spares countless people from the spiral of addiction commonly associated with these prescription medications.

Relieving anxiety accomplished more than the average person realizes. It also helps people sleep better, without the side effects and other risks associated with using sleeping pills to get sleep at night.

This is largely due to the calming, anti-inflammatory nature of CBD and its effects on people who take it. Whether for sleep or anxiety, the bottom line is that the CBD oil can relax individuals, allowing them to function in situations that would otherwise have them paralyzed by anxiety, and to sleep at times when their nerves would otherwise keep them up at night.


How popular is the podcast? The Joe Rogan Experience is the second most-downloaded iTunes podcast, and accounts for 6.6 million-plus YouTube subscribers. Joe’s message is heard by fans from all walks of life, and all sides of the CBD issue each and every week. His reasoned approach to CBD oil use and education, and his wide audience, make him an excellent advocate for the product.

Rogan uses his podcast as a platform to have discussions too few in his position are willing to have, so he can be a voice for millions of people on the fence or underrepresented in society by detailing the many benefits of CBD.

These are a few of the reasons Joe Rogan attributes to the use of CBD that have helped shaped his personal opinions on the subject, and that has been the topic of conversation on his podcasts.

One of the main reasons this matters so much is not that he’s inviting conversation about CBD and cannabis in general, it is the fact that he’s inviting reasoned conversations on the subjects. Too many of the arguments for and against are based on emotion or orthodoxy. Far too few people on either side of the issue use factual, evidence-based information to shape ideas and formulate opinions.