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jayden’s juice freedom cbd tincture

We have developed a variety of tinctures and full-spectrum oils (FSO) with ingredients that include the highest quality CBD, THC, and THCA. Our products are vegan, hemp-free, pesticide-free, and made with love in California.

Jaydens juice is manufactured at California’s premier manufacturing and extraction facility, Kase Manufacturing . Located in Ceres, California, Kase is a fully-licensed cannabis volatile extraction, manufacturing, packing and distribution facility operated by award-winning extractors.


*Avg. mg per bottle: 1680 mg CBD, 70 mg THC

Begin by placing a 0.5 ml dose under the tongue 3 times a day.


Our Freedom (CBD) tincture is the original formula that was created in 2011. It contains the full spectrum of cannabinoid compounds and is commonly used to improve immune, neurological, and mental health as well as increase feelings of relaxation.

PRICE: $50.00

PRICE: $180.00

*Avg. mg per bottle: 420 mg CBD, 20 mg THC