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is to mail thc free cbd gummies

Using the United Postal Service to mail CBD is relatively straightforward and as of June 2019, the seller can ship using USPS if they meet these conditions:

It’s simple, your fulfillment partner should be well versed in the laws and regulations surrounding the storage and shipping of CBD products. They should be alerting you when there are new rules and regulations, not the other way around. While shipping carriers no longer require accompanying CBD documentation at the time of shipping, they can request it and put your products on hold at any time. Having a partner who can quickly resolve these issues is a must.

Different carriers have different rules.

Third-party verification is required.

Thanks to the Farm Bill, most CBD is legal in the U.S. However, CBD must meet the following criteria for it to be considered legal and shippable.

But like with any other wild west market, CBD's rules and regulations can be unclear, creating seller confusion. Not only should the seller have a clear understanding of the CBD laws, but they should also have a good fulfillment strategy to ensure a seamless customer experience. Often, CBD sellers will outsource their fulfillment needs to a dedicated fulfillment company, also known as a 3PL or third-party logistics provider.

With the continuous growth in the industry and a market proving it’s more than just a trend, it’s tempting to break into the CBD business yourself. But before you do, you must do your research, know the legalities and safety protocol, and understand the ins and outs of selling and shipping CBD.

Even though hemp-derived CBD is much more widely accepted and legalized than marijuana-containing products, CBD is still closely monitored and regulated. Here are the factors that will help you understand whether your supplier’s CBD is legal to ship.

1. Potency of CBD and THC.

DHL can ship CBD products as long as the shipper meets these requirements:

— Andrew Hardy, COO of Nature’s Ultra

If you can’t 100% prove that you have met all the prerequisite requirements above, you have a good chance of violating the terms and agreements of the approved carriers below.