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is cbd oil legal in idaho

All-in-all, marijuana laws can be confusing, mainly because the state and federal laws tend to contradict each other. Idaho is well endowed with natural beauty, but unfortunately, is one of the least cannabis-friendly states.

However, hemp-derived CBD only has a few traces of THC, which means that it is safe for people to use. In some states, marijuana-derived CVD is available for patients with certain medical conditions, and in places that have no issues with cannabis, anyone can use it.

Is CBD oil Legal in Idaho?

The most reliable and safe way to buy CBD in Idaho is through a trustworthy online retailer. Purchasing CBD oil online will allow verifying the source of the oil, the THC content, and getting all the information you need to confirm that the product fits CBD requirements of the state.

With online purchases, you will enjoy the discount deals and special offers that you can barely find in local stores. It will also save you valuable money and time compared to having to leave the house to go to a store.

A bill to legalize CBD oil with no more than 0.3% was passed in Idaho in 2015, SB 1146, for uncontrolled epilepsy. It also proposed legal protection for parents with sick kids to purchase CBD oil out of state. However, the bill was vetoed by C.L ‘Butch’ Otter, a Republican Governor, and hence never turned into a law.

Again, before you purchase any CBD products, make sure that it is derived from hemp and not marijuana and does not contain any traces of THC.

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On Monday 18th 2019 The Idaho House of Representatives passed a bill to legalize the selling as well as the growing of hemp. The vote passed with 32-3 votes in favor of the bill. However, it’s not clear yet if Brad Little, the governor of Idaho, will sign off on the bill.

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Currently, there’s no clear distinction between marijuana and hemp in Idaho. However, it’s predicted that there will be more legislation about CBD soon.