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is cbd oil legal in cyprus

Prior to the 2019 amendment, patients seeking medical cannabis treatments had to get permission from the health minister , which meant a lot of paperwork and long waiting times.

In Cyprus, drugs are classified according to the harm they can cause, with Class A being the most harmful and Class C being the least harmful. Drug use and possession penalties can be imposed for all classes of drugs.

Cannabis is the most popular illegal drug in Cyprus. About 4.3 percent of the country’s population aged 15 to 34 said that they used cannabis at least once in 2017. But, despite being popular among young adults and being decriminalised for personal use, cannabis is still very much frowned upon in Cyprus.

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Trafficking drugs may attract large prison sentences. Trafficking class C drugs may attract a penalty of up to eight years of imprisonment, while trafficking class A or B drugs may attract sentences of up to life in prison.

Thanks to its warm weather and its long periods of sunshine, Cyprus has a competitive advantage over other cannabis-growing countries, such as the Netherlands , Germany or Denmark . And, according to some estimates, Cyprus has the potential to produce £204 million (about €227 million) worth of medical cannabis each year.

First-time offenders younger than 25 years of age do not receive sentences longer than one year of imprisonment. And, in recent years, Cypriot judges tended to opt for alternative sentences for young first-time drug offenders, referring them to mental health services instead of sending them to prison.

Cyprus is one of the small European countries that are preparing for the cannabis boom. Thanks to its great environmental conditions, the country could become one of the leading medical cannabis producers in Europe.

Is CBD oil legal in Romania? Since there is no explicit ban on CBD, it is legal in Romania.

Danish law reports, cannabis use is limited for medical and scientific purposes. A recent report was issued and legalization for more medical access could be coming closer.

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Where can I buy certified CBD oil in Europe?

According to Lithuanian laws, hemp cultivation was legalized in 2014.

Croatia grows industrial hemp domestically on large pieces of land.

Latvian laws report, Indian Cannabis is not allowed for cultivation or growth. However, seed hemp is allowed for growth for the production of fibre and seed.

Slovenian laws reveal industrial cannabis is exempt from the law. Cultivation laws require a low THC of less than 0.2%.