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State governments still have the final say on how exactly these CBD products may be cultivated, manufactured, and purchased within their state lines. According to this post, 8 states currently have some level of restriction on CBD itself and/or cultivation of the raw materials. Most of these restrictions are just reducing the acceptable level of THC to absolutely zero.

Gataka Wellness: another young company using higher quality cacao is Gataka, which cites Ecuador’s own Camino Verde, via Meridian Cacao, as the source for the cacao used in their bars. They call themselves craft chocolate makers, though it’s unclear if they’re bean to bar; what we do know is that they use Colorado-grown hemp and seem to focus on CBD over THC. I tried their chocolates over the summer and quite enjoyed it, as it’s very fudgy & heavy on the cocoa notes.

Hemp CBD Vs. Marijuana CBD

This small triangle with a marijuana leaf if the THC warning label you’ll see on all THC edibles.

Solkiki CBD chocolate bar wrapper.

Most marijuana strains naturally contains lower levels of CBD than hemp, so it makes sense that most CBD would be derived from it. Some cannabis brands just choose to produce full spectrum hemp extract rather than refine it into pure CDB. That being said, some strains of marijuana have been specially cultivated to contain higher levels of CBD than others. These specialty strains are typically what’s being used to produce CBD oil derived from marijuana, which is something you could buy at retail shops in states where recreational marijuana use is legal.

Jerry Garcia would light up the clouds over these candies. These sugary fluff ball gummies will put your head in exactly the right spaces. The sweetness hits first, as the taste experience begins sinking in and the light fruit flavor with overlapping floral hints from the cannabis CO2 oil blend together to make this a delightfully medicated treat. A mellow and easygoing high lasting at least 3-4 hours can be expected per single, 20 gram weight, 25mg THC gummy bear. The tapioca base of this edible makes it the chewiest of textures and distances it’s taste from the gooey density of something like Swedish fish. Prepare to delve into a magically creative mood, productive and artistic, as well as making already enjoyable tasks even more pleasurable: like gardening, music, reading and movies. I went for a Sunday walk enjoying nature in the park and stretching through some minor neuropathy I have in my feet. Napping was also appealing, and that’s always better on a Sunday. Bears on Clouds are a simple, sweet, and convenient way to enjoy your medicine.