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inesscents cbd salve

My daughter got me a jar of your Skin Nourishing Extra CBD Salve as a gift over the holidays, and I had to write and say thank you. I had never used CBD before and I was very skeptical, but one night before bed I used it on my hands and knuckles, and I woke up totally amazed. I’ve now purchased this for my sister and my cousin. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Your Beauty line has been a complete game changer for me. I’ve never put too much thought into my skin care outside of wanting it to be natural – but I was in a coop and saw your CBD line. I purchased what I could and started making it a part of my daily routine. I have not only felt more radiant, but I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my skin. I would recommend this product to anyone in the market for skin care.

I have bought your Moontime Harmony Salvation CBD Skin Salve and first off I have to say that I LOVE the smell – and on top of that, it truly works. I believe in this product and hope that many people find it as useful and lovely as I have. Thank you for the work you’re doing. We see you Inesscents!

Let me just say how awesome the CBD beauty balm is!! I’ve been using it for a while now and my skin looks amazing. I really thought I liked my face oils, but now I’m absolutely hooked on the balm. Thanks so much- and lol- I’ve been making all my co-workers use the hydrosol tester since it’s amazing, and everyone seems impressed with its “Earth” scent. I’m obsessed. #customerforlife

The natural scent was pleasant for day or work-time applications and less harsh on the eyes if you use it on your neck. This salve would be better suited for massages and before bed as it won’t make your sheets or body smell unreasonably minty. For increased soreness, we would have enjoyed more menthol to create that soothing cooling feeling.

We all need a little salve in our lives. Whether we’ve sprained an ankle, bruised a hip or just slept crooked on a large throw pillow, our bodies continually experience distress. Combine those aches with age and we can begin to feel forever inflamed.

FOR THE TRAVELING HEART. Inesscents is notable right away for the standards and principles they claim to be upholding, including making their products and salves from all organic ingredients. Their salves are made from a long list of flowers and herbs we recognize and can actually pronounce, with no weird fillers or peculiar additives.

2) Plus CBD Oil

It’s a shame that this brand was incapable of producing any third-party certifications for their hemp or CBD products. They claim on their website to use organic hemp from the EU with all organic ingredients, but we were unable to get any test results after numerous calls and emails. We really enjoyed the effects of the product, but have a hard time granting the salve our full stamp of approval without receiving any details on their extraction process or organic claims. The only test results we saw on their website are from 2015 and, when we mentioned that to a service rep on the phone, they seemed puzzled. We hope to revise our statements regarding this brand in the future, but as of now, we can’t fully endorse it.

The sticks come in three separate remedies, each with its own color and smell. The green salve has the most mellow pungency, while the orange and red have more flavorful odors of cloves and peppermint.

SPECS: 1.3 ounces with 50mg CBDA/CBD.

The red “Hot Freeze” was our favorite in the bunch, as it left the cool feeling of ice, but warmed up after several minutes to provide long-lasting relief. It’s perfect for a kinked neck or sore back. This was our favorite all-around rub because of the integrity of the brand, amazing customer service, easy travel applicator, overall relaxing properties and all-organic ingredients.